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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-01A simplified procedure for C-reactive protein purification이희구; 김용호; 이홍수, et al
2005-05Anion exchange-promoted Ru3+/2+ redox switch in self-assembled monolayers of imidazolium ions on a gold electrode지영식; 황성필; 이방숙, et al
1991-01Antifertility effect of anti-idiotype antibody specific to antiprogesterone monoclonal antibody in mice윤도영; 남경수; 이희구, et al
1989-01Antifertility effect of progesterone antibodies in mice.최명자; 윤도영; 김재화, et al
2005-08Arylaminomethylpyrazole Derivatives as Ca2+ Channel Blockers남길수; 최인성; 임혜원, et al
2004-05Control of Wettability by Anion Exchange on Si/SiO2 surfaces지영식; 이재균; 이상기, et al
2006-03Covalent modification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with Imidazoilium-based ionic liquids : Effect of anions on solubility박민정; 이재균; 이방숙, et al
2011-05Facile Method for Development of Ligand-Patterned Substrates Induced by a Chemical Reaction서현정; 최인성; 이정욱, et al
2004-02Imidazolium Ion-Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au: Effects of Counteranions on Surface Wettability이방숙; 지영식; 이재균, et al
2019-01Immobilization of Phenol-Containing Molecules on Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold via Surface Chemistry김영관; 김영진; 황혜정, et al
1995-01Immunobiochemical Analysis of the Binding Pocket of Monoclonal Anti-progesterone Antibodies윤도영; 김재화; 임종성, et al
1993-11Influence of the conjugation site on the specificity of monoclonal-antibodies to progesterone and on the performance of direct enzyme immunoassay윤도영; 최명자; 최인성, et al
1992-01Isolation and characterization of creatine kinase from bovine and human tissues권두한; 윤도영; 이홍수, et al
2013-10Leader-Follower Formation Control Using Infrared Camera with Reflective Tag박현우; 최인성; 박성기, et al
2012-10Leader-Follower Formation Control Using PID Controller최인성; 최종석
2012-12Leader-Follower Formation Control Using PID Controller(2)최인성; 최종석
1996-01Microparticle-based immunoassay for the detection of C-reactive protein in serum김재화; 송은영; 이희구, et al
2006-02pH-dependent rectification in self-assembled monolayers based on electrostatic interactions황성필; 지영식; 이방숙, et al
1989-01Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies specific to human chorionic gonadotropin and its subunits.최명자; 최상훈; 강혜영, et al
1993-01Production and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody That Simultaneously Recognizes Methamphetamine and Its Major Metabolite남경수; 김재화; 최명자, et al
1989-01Production of anti-pre S peptide monoclonal antibodies and preparation of anti-pre S immunoaffinity column.최명자; 최상훈; 한미영, et al
1992-01Production of monoclonal antibody against the principal metabolites of cocaine and benzoylecognine.남경수; 김재화; 오은숙, et al
1991-01Production purification and characterization of monoclonal antibodes specific to progesterone윤도영; 최상훈; 최명자, et al
1990-01Purification and characterization of human complement component C3이희구; 이종순; 최명자, et al
1991-01Sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for interleukin-2최규삼; 김길현; 최명자, et al
1991-01Simple enzyme immunoassay for the simultaneous measurement of whole choriogondotropin molecules and its free β -subunits in sera of abnormal pregnancies and tumor of the reproductive system최명자; 최인성; 강혜경, et al
1992-02Solid-phase immunoassay using a flow cytometer: quantitative and qualitative determination of protein antigens and a hapten김길현; 한미영; 윤도영, et al
2011-11Sonar Sensor Based Relative Localization for Leader-Follower Formation control최인성; 최종석; 정우진
2005-10Synthesis and biological evaluation of piperazynylalkylpyrazole derivatives as T-type calcium channel blockers(II)최인성; 남길수; 최경일
2009-11Synthesis and SAR of N-chlorophenyl substituted piperazinylethyl-aminomethylpyrazoles as 5-HT3A Inhibitors이병환; 최인성; 임혜원, et al