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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-093D Force Model of a Finger for Tactile Sensing오승용; 최준호; 윤승국, et al
2014-06A Mechanically Adjustable Stiffness Actuator(MASA) of a robot for knee rehabilitation오재욱; 이수준; 임묘택, et al
2015-10A Methodology to Control Walking Speed of Robotic Gait Rehabilitation System Using Feasibility-Guaranteed Trajectories정찬열; 최준호; 박신석, et al
2011-03A methodology to quantitatively evaluate the safety of a glazing robot이승열; 유승남; 최준호, et al
2014-01A multifunctional protein EWS regulates the expression of Drosha and microRNAs김기윤; 황유진; 정민경, et al
2015-04A Novel Method for Estimating External Force: Simulation Study with a 4-DOF Robot Manipulator레딘프엉; 최준호; 이우섭, et al
2011-04A Robot Joint with Variable Stiffness using Leaf Spring최준호; 홍성훈; 이우섭, et al
2007-04A Robot Joint with Variable Stiffness using Permanent Magnets최준호; 박순철; 강성철
2009-05A Variable Stiffness Joint using Leaf Springs for Robot Manipulators최준호; 홍성훈; 이우섭, et al
2014-09Design and Control of an Exoskeleton System for Gait Rehabilitation Capable of Natural Pelvis Movement정찬열; 최준호; 박신석, et al
2006-10Design of a Haptic Stability Observer in Frequency Domain for Stable Haptic Interaction류동석; 송재복; 최준호, et al
2008-04Design of a Robot Joint with Variable Stiffness최준호; 박순철; 이우섭, et al
2007-11Design of the Safe and Speedy Robot Arm with Variable Stiffness Joint최준호; 이우섭; 김만경, et al
2013-10Development of a Safe Manipulator using Spring-Clutches홍성훈; 최준호; 이우섭, et al
2006-05Development of Electromagnetic Based Variable Stiffness Joints for Dependable Manipulator윤승국; 최준호; 김승종, et al
2013-10Development of Micro Hydraulic Actuator for Force Assistive Wearable RobotSoojun Lee; 오재욱; Yong-Kwon Lee, et al
2014-08Ellipsometric Study of the Temperature Dependences of the Dielectric Function and the Critical Points of AlSb at Temperatures from 300 to 803 K박한결; 김태정; 황순영, et al
2012-05External Force Estimation Using Joint Torque Sensors for a Robot Manipulator레딘프엉; 최준호; 강성철
2007-06Feedback control of dynamic bipedal robot locomotionWestervelt, E. R.; Grizzle, J. W.; Chevallereau, C., et al
2007-04Frequency Domain Stability Observer and Active Damping Control for Stable Haptic Interaction류동석; 송재복; 최준호, et al
2010-01Hepatoprotective Effect of Pinoresinol on Carbon Tetrachloride-induced Hepatic Damage in Mice김효연; 김준기; 최준호, et al
2012-09Mine Detecting Robot System서승범; 최준호; 조창현, et al
2007-08On observer-based feedback stabilization of periodic orbits in bipedal locomotionGrizzle, J. W.; 최준호; Morris, B.
2009-08Optimal design of a variable stiffness joint in a robot manipulator using the response surface method유정훈; 현명욱; 최준호, et al
2007-06Optimal Design of a Variable Stiffness Joint Using Permanent MagnetsM. Hyun; 유정훈; S. Hwang, et al
2015-08Real-time Gait Phase Detection and Estimation of Gait Speed and Ground Slope for a Robotic Knee Orthosis김진수; 김승종; 최준호
2010-11Spring-clutch and Safety Strategy for Safe Manipulation홍성훈; 최동은; 양기훈, et al
2009-10Spring-Clutch: A Safe Torque Limiter Based on a Spring and CAM Mechanism with the Ability to Reinitialize its Position이우섭; 최준호; 강성철
2006-10Tactile Sensing using a Force Model of a Finger Tip오승용; 최준호; 강성철, et al
2008-05Toward Dependable Manipulation: Safe and Speedy Arm with Variable Stiffness Joints and Reliable Manipulation Using Multi-Modal Information전창묵; 최준호; 이우섭, et al