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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11A mode-locked 1.91 μm fiber laser based on interaction between graphene oxide and evanescent field정민완; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2013-01A Q-switched, mode-locked fiber laser using a graphene oxide-based polarization sensitive saturable absorber이준수; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2012-09An all fiberized, 1.89-μm Q-switched laser employing carbon nanotube evanescent field interaction정민완; 구준회; 장유민, et al
2013-05Carbon nanotube-based passive Q-switching of a 1.89 μm thulium doped fiber laser정민완; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2010-11Characterizations of Ga-doped ZnO Nanowires Depending on growth temperature and target-substrate distance in Hot-Walled Pulsed Laser Deposition김경원; 박동훈; 풀락, et al
2009-08CO gas sensing propertied of Ga doped ZnO nanowires gas sensors박동훈; 김경원; 풀락, et al
2010-02Controllability of threshold voltage in Ag-doped ZnO nanowire field effect transistors by adjusting the diameter of active channel nanowire김경원; 풀락; 박동훈, et al
2011-06Deposition Temperature-dependence of the structural and electrical properties of Ga-doped ZnO thin film for transparent conducting oxides이득희; 김경원; 풀락, et al
2011-06Effect of Ga/Ag dopants on optical and structural properties of ZnO-based nanowires김경원; 이득희; 풀락, et al
2010-04Electrical properties of Ag-doped ZnO nanowire FET김경원; 풀락; 박동훈, et al
2009-12Electrical properties of Ag-doped ZnO nanowires풀락; 김경원; 박동훈, et al
2010-04Electrical Properties of FET by Thickness Change of ZnO Nanowire박동훈; 김경원; 풀락, et al
2011-04Ethanol gas sensors with Ga-doping in ZnO nanowires정다운; 김경원; 이득희, et al
2010-08Excimer laser annealing effect on the optical properties of ZnO thin film grown by sol-gel method김경원; 박동훈; 이동윤, et al
2012-06Experimental investigation on a Q-switched, mode-locked fiber laser based on the combination of active mode locking and passive Q switching이준수; 구준회; 장유민, et al
2010-08Fabrication and Characterization of Ga-Doped ZnO Nanowire FET for Gas Sensing김경원; 박동훈; 풀락, et al
2012-08Full swing logic inverter with amorphous SiInZnO and GaInZnO thin film transistors풀락; Sang Yeol Lee
2009-11Hot-Walled PLD법을 이용한 은도핑된 나노선의 특성분석김경원; 박동훈; 풀락, et al
2015-09In situ synthesis of graphene with telecommunication lasers for nonlinear optical devices풀락; 박재현; Austin M. Scott, et al
2013-08Interface Crystallization of Multilayer Graphene Using a Single-Step Process and Its Application to Nonlinear Optic Devices김원준; 풀락; 이준수, et al
2010-06Investigation on Nanowires Diameter: Control of Threshold Voltage in ZnO Nanowire FETs풀락; 김경원; 박동훈, et al
2011-06Mechanism and sensing effect of doped ZnO nanowires for ethanol gas sensing정다운; 김경원; 이득희, et al
2013-05Multilayer graphene synthesized by a single-step process, and its application to mode-locked lasers김원준; 풀락; 이준수, et al
2011-06Nanowire invertor and control of inverter performance by varying nanowire diameter풀락; 김경원; 이상렬
2010-08NO gas sensing properties of nanowire cluster gas sensors with Ga doped-ZnO박동훈; 김경원; 풀락, et al
2013-05Passively mode-locked thulium doped fiber laser using graphene oxide deposited D-shaped fiber정민완; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2013-05Passively Q-switched Mode-locked Fiber Laser Using Graphene Oxide-Deposited D-shaped Fiber이준수; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2010-05Sensitivity-tuned CO Gas Sensors with Tailored Ga-doping in ZnO Nanowires김경원; 박동훈; 이동윤, et al
2010-04Shift of Vth in Doped ZnO nanowire Field Effect Transistors김경원; 풀락; 박동훈, et al
2010-06Simple Control of Threshold Voltage in Ag-doped ZnO Nanowire Field Effect Transistors김경원; 풀락; 박동훈, et al