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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12Application Of Geophysical And Geochemical Method For Monitoring After Stabilization최재영; 안용태; 한만호, et al
2019-07Electrochemical catalyst-support effects and their stabilizing role for oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalysis in PEC water splitting오형석; 고영진; 한만호
2020-11evaluation and monitoring method of stabilized soil applying electric resistivity measurement최재영; 한만호; 이해석, et al
2021-04Evaluation and monitoring of arsenic contaminated soil for application of stabilization through measurement of electrical resistivity and induced polarization최재영; 안용태; 조정만, et al
2019-12Evaluation Of Fluorine Removal Ability Of Fluorine Contaminated Soil최재영; 안용태; 한만호, et al
2019-10Evaluation of Stabilized Soil by Analysis of Heavy Metal Mobility최재영; 한만호; 박상현, et al
2019-10Feasibility of soil washing agents to remove fluoride in soils최재영; 안용태; 한만호, et al
2019-10Identify the electronic structure and mechanism of Ni-Fe hydroxide based electrocatalyst in overall water splitting오형석; 고영진; 한만호
2021-11Improving the oxygen evolution reaction using electronic structure modulation of sulfur-retaining nickel-based electrocatalysts민병권; 고재현; 오형석, et al
2021-11Monitoring and evaluation of the dissolution characteristics of arsenic-contaminated soil mixed with stabilizers and geophysical exploration method최재영; 안용태; 조정만, et al
2020-12Monitoring the mobility of heavy metals and risk assessment in mine-affected soils after stabilization최재영; 안용태; 한만호
2020-09Operando Stability of Platinum Electrocatalysts in Ammonia Oxidation Reactions채근화; 오형석; 이웅희, et al
2020-09Oxygen Vacancies Induced NiFe-Hydroxide as a Scalable, Efficient, and Stable Electrode for Alkaline Overall Water Splitting채근화; 민병권; 황윤정, et al
2021-01Selective H2O2 production on surface-oxidized metal-nitrogen-carbon electrocatalysts오형석; 한만호; 석민희, et al
2020-11Study of sulfurized NiFeCo oxide for oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline media민병권; 황윤정; 오형석, et al
2021-03Understanding morphological degradation of Ag nanoparticle during electrochemical CO2 reduction reaction by identical location observation황윤정; 오형석; 원다혜, et al
2021-10안정화 고형화 공법을 적용한 비소 오염 토양의 전기비저항 및 유도분극 측정과 용출 특성을 고려한 모니터링 방법 및 평가최재영; 안용태; 조정만, et al
2021-06안정화제를 적용한 비소오염 토양의 전기비저항과 용출 특성 평가최재영; 안용태; 조정만, et al
2021-06안정화제를 혼합한 비소오염토양의 용출 특성평가와 전기비저항 및 유도분극 측정을 통한 모니터링최재영; 안용태; 조정만, et al
2021-11유도분극과 전기비저항 방법을 이용한 안정화 부지 모니터링?최재영; 안용태; 이선재, et al
2020-11탄소원 주입을 통한 지하수 내 질산성질소 자연저감 촉진 연구최재영; 안용태; 한만호, et al