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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Analysis of characteristics of two-photon interference using asymmetry of Franson interferometer권오성; 김용수; 한상욱, et al
2016-02Anatomy of high recyclability of graphene oxide based palladium nanocomposites in the Sonogashira reaction: On the nature of the catalyst deactivation김보현; 이설희; 한상욱, et al
2021-02Arbitrary Configurable 20-Channel Coincidence Counting Unit for Multi-Qubit Quantum Experiment문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2020-10Bright Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond Inverted Nanocones송종한; 임원철; 한상욱, et al
2015-10Characterization of polarization-independent phase modulation method for practical plug and play quantum cryptography권오성; 이민수; 우민기, et al
2021-04Characterizing Bell state analyzer using weak coherent pulses문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2018-07Controlled mutual quantum entity authentication with an untrusted third party문성욱; 한상욱; 강민성, et al
2016-12Countermeasure against blinding attacks on low-noise detectors with a background-noise-cancellation scheme문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2016-07Countermeasure against Quantum Hacking on QKD with Background Noise Cancellation Detectors문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2020-06Demonstration of simultaneous quantum steering by multiple observers via sequential weak measurements문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2014-02Development of low-cost and high speed coincidence count unit using FPGA박병권; 이민수; 우민기, et al
2013-07Development of Plug & Play Quantum Key Distribution System우민기; 이민수; 박병권, et al
2013-07Development of Single Photon Detector for QKD System이민수; 우민기; 박병권, et al
2020-12Diamond photonic crystal mirror with a partial bandgap by two 2D photonic crystal layers문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2018-01Direct quantum process tomography via measuring sequential weak values of incompatible observables문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2020-02Efficient linear optical generation of a multipartiteW state via a quantum eraser한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱, et al
2019-07Emergence of the geometric phase from quantum measurement back-action문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2020-12Equitable Multiparty Quantum Communication Without a Trusted Third Party문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2019-06Experimental comparison of various quantum key distribution protocols under reference frame rotation and fluctuation문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2018-07Experimental preparation and characterization of four-dimensional quantum states using polarization and time-bin modes of a single photon문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2021-03Experimental Quantum Message Authentication with Single Qubit Unitary Operation한상욱; 김용수; 최지웅, et al
2012-09Extremely-weak avalanche discrimination for gated avalanche photodiodeAbdessattar Bouzid; 이민수; 우민기, et al
2017-05Free-space QKD system hacking by wavelength control using an external laser문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2017-02Generation of a non-zero discord bipartite state with classical second-order interference문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2013-08High detection performance of NDIR CO2 sensor using stair-tapered reflector한지훈; 한상욱; 김세민, et al
2015-05High-performance reconfigurable coincidence counting unit based on a field programmable gate array박병권; 김용수; 권오성, et al
2013-07Implementation of QKD Control System using FPGA박병권; 이민수; 우민기, et al
2019-04Implementation of SWAP test for two unknown states in photons via cross-Kerr nonlinearities under decoherence effect문성욱; 한상욱; 강민성, et al
2018-10Informationally symmetrical Bell state preparation and measurement문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2016-05InGaAs/InP Avalanche Photodiode for Single Photon Detection with Zinc Diffusion Process Using Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition문성욱; 한상욱; 이민수, et al