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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-09A New Linearizing Restriction in the Pattern Matching Problem한요섭; Derick Wood
2008-11A Ranking Algorithm for User-generated Video Contents based on Social activities리사; 한요섭; 김래현
2012-01A Recommendation Method Based on Contents and User Feedback김소령; 최상민; 김래현, et al
2011-07A Smart Movie Recommendation System고상기; 최상민; 염해성, et al
1991-12A study on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the Mg-xLi-1Al(x=4,9,16) alloys.김도향; 한요섭; 이호인
1999-12A study on the microstructures and mechanical properties of squeeze cast high strength yellow brass, Al bronze and Sn bronze alloys한요섭; 이호인
1991-12A transmission electron microscopic study on the microstructural characteristics of the Mg-Li-Al alloys.김도향; 한요섭; 이호인
2008-03Adaptive Information Provisioning in an Agent-Based Virtual Organization-ontologies in the SystemMichal Szymczak; Grzegorz Frackowiak; Maciej Gawinecki, et al
1990-12Computer analysis of heat transfer in squeeze casting유승목; 한요섭; 이호인, et al
1997-04Decomposition behavior of secondary solidification phase during heat treatment of squeeze cast Al-Cu-Si김유찬; 김도향; 한요섭, et al
1997-12Decomposition behavior of secondary solidification phase during heat treatment of squeeze cast Al-Cu-Si-Mg김유찬; 김도향; 한요섭, et al
1997-10Decomposition behavior secondary solidification phase in squeeze cast Al-Cu-Mg(-Ag-Zn) alloys김유찬; 김도향; 한요섭, et al
1999-01Development of new Al alloys for premium quality casting한요섭; 이호인
1996-04Development trends of squeeze casting machine.한요섭; 김기배; 김용준
1998-05Dissolution of the eutectic solidifaction phase in squeeze casting Al-Cu-Mg(-Ag) alloys김유찬; 김도향; 한요섭, et al
1993-06Effect of casting processes on the microstructures and mechanical properties of B390 aluminium alloy.한요섭; 이호인; 김성수, et al
1995-01Effect of hot rolling on the Young's modulus of (Al//2O//3)//p/6061-Al composite.이재철; 한요섭; 이호인
2001-04Effect of injection conditions and preform properties on the melt infiltration of aluminium matrix composite engine block한요섭; 이호인
1994-06Effect of pressure on interfacial heat transfer coefficient in the squeeze casting process.김진수; 안재영; 한요섭, et al
2001-04Effect of pressure on microsegregation of Al-4.5%Cu alloy김형돈; 윤의박; 이호인, et al
2001-02Effect of silver addition on formation of secondary phases in squeeze cast Al-Cu-Mg alloys김유찬; 김도향; 김원태, et al
1998-10Effective control methodologies of aluminium crucible melting한요섭
1986-06Effects of hydrostatic pressure on solidification phenomena of Al-Si binary alloys(I) : metallurgical study한요섭; 김도향; 이호인
1986-09Effects of hydrostatic pressure on solidification phenomena of Al-Si binary alloys(Ⅱ) : computer simulation study한요섭; 김도향; 이호인
2009-02Evaluating the User Reputation through Social Network on UCC Video Services조현철; 한요섭; 김래현
2009-07Evaluation of User Reputation on YouTube한요섭; 김래현; 차정원
1997-04Fabrication of metal matrix composites by gas foaming process한요섭; 이호인
1997-04Fabrication of multi-layer metal matrix composites by squeeze casting process한요섭; 이호인
2008-09Generalizations of 1-Deterministic Regular Languages한요섭; Derick Wood