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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-03Cyclic-oxidation of Ti3SiC2 and Ti3AlC2 between 900 and 1200 ℃ in air이동복; 한재호; 김영도, et al
2004-08Fabrication and Mechanical properties of Sm2O3 doped CeO2 reinforced Ti3AlC2 nanocomposite한재호; 박상환; 김영도
2007-11Fabrication of Machinable Nano-laminated Ternary Carbides by a New Synthetic Technology한재호; 남경돈; 윤성호, et al
2006-08Fabrication of SiC Fiber Reinforced Porous Reaction Bonded SiC composite and its Mechanical Properties한재호; 박상환
2006-10High Temperature Stability of Bulk Ti3SiC2 Materials in AirD.H. Lee; 한재호; 김영도, et al
2002-10Mechanicl properties of porous reaction bonded silicon carbide황성식; 박상환; 한재호, et al
2007-02Oxidation characteristics of the layered Ti3AlC2 compound between 900 and 1,200℃ in airT.D.Nguyen; 한재호; 박상환, et al
2007-10Oxidation of Cr2AlC at 1300 ℃ in air이동복; Thuan Dinh Nguyen; 한재호, et al
2006-11Oxidation Resistance of Cr2AlC-Ti2AlC Solid Solution for Separator of SOFC김창삼; 황성익; 김선혜, et al
2007-02Potential of Cr2AlC ternary carbide as material for bipolar plate in PEMFC자야마니; 한재호; 박상환, et al
2005-03Reaction bonded SiC hot gas filter using Si melt infiltration techniques황성식; 박상환; 한재호, et al
2007-01Reaction synthesis and mechanical properties of B4C-based ceramic composites한재호; 박상환; 김영도
2003-01Reaction synthesis of Ti₃AlC₂ at high temperature.황성식; 박상환; 한재호, et al
2007-06Synthesis and Characterization of Ti3(Al1-nGen)C2 by a Reactive Hot Pressing of TiCx, Al, and Ge Powder Mixture한재호; 남경돈; 박상환, et al
2007-01Synthesis and Mechanical properties of nano laminating Cr2AlC using CrCx/Al powder mixtures한재호; 박상환; 김영도
2003-02Synthesis and mechanical properties of Ti ₃ SiC ₂ .박상환; 황성식; 한재호
2008-02Synthesis and mechanical properties of Ti3AlC2 by hot pressing TiCx/Al powder mixture한재호; 황성식; 이동윤, et al
2011-09Synthesis of Ti3SiC2 by infiltration of molten Si황성식; 한재호; 이동윤, et al
2007-08반도체 제조공정용 탄화규소 부품/소재 기술박상환; 이동윤; 한재호, et al
2007-07-13연속 공정에 의한 반응소결 탄화규소 다공체의 제조 방법남경돈; 박상환; 박태희, et al