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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-053-D FDTD simulation of a ground-penetrating radar system현승엽; 김상욱
2011-113-D Thin-Wire FDTD Analysis of Coaxial Probe Fed in Asymmetric Microwave Components현승엽; 김세윤
2010-123-D thin-wire FDTD approach for resistively loaded cylindrical antennas fed by coaxial lines현승엽; 김세윤
2001-05A comparative study on the stability of four different conversion models of open-ended coaxial probe김상욱; 조유선; 현승엽, et al
2001-02A comparison study of antenna feed models suitable for computation of responses for a ground-penetrating radar.현승엽; 김세윤
2002-09A feasibility study on a subsurface-penetrating radar for nondestructive testing of wooden architectures: FDTD simulation and laboratory measurement현승엽; 김세윤
2002-07A feasibility study on the detection of anomaly inside wood by using ground-penetrating radar probing현승엽; 김세윤
2003-06A feasibility study on the detection of water leakage using a ground-penetrating radar.오헌철; 조유선; 현승엽, et al
1999-09A new equivalent circuit of an open-ended coaxial probe for measuring complex permittivity신현; 현승엽; 김상욱
2004-08A study on detecting water-leak of water pipes using laboratory small-scale GPR system현승엽; 조유선; 김세윤
2000-08A virtually conical transmission-line model for open-ended coaxial probes신현; 현승엽; 김상욱, et al
2014-06Adaptive Filtering Processing for Target Signature Enhancement in Monostatic Borehole Radar Data현승엽; 김세윤
2000-07An accurate FDTD simulation of a GPR system현승엽; 김상욱; 김세윤
2009-02An efficient FDTD model for resistively loaded cylindrical antennas with coaxial lines현승엽; 김세윤; 김영식
2000-07An efficient model of an open-ended coaxial-line probe for measuring the complex permittivity신현; 현승엽; 김상욱, et al
2009-01An equivalent feed model for the FDTD analysis of antennas driven through a ground plane by coaxial lines현승엽; 김세윤; 김영식
2003-10An experimental study on a ground-penetrating radar for detecting water-leaks in buried water transfer pipes현승엽; 조유선; 오헌철, et al
1999-03Analysis of electromagnetic radiation from a GPR antenna by using 3-dimensional FDTD method현승엽; 김상욱; 김세윤
2000-06Analysis of receiving responses for a bistatic ground-penetrating radar system by using equivalent network model현승엽; 김상욱; 김세윤
2011-10Clutter reduction filtering in borehole radar signals현승엽; 김상욱; 김세윤
2011-12Coarse-Grid FDTD Approach for Capacitively Loaded Cylindrical Tube Antennas현승엽; 김세윤
1999-07Comparison of FDTD simulation results with measurement data of a ground-penetrating radar현승엽; 김세윤; 김영식
2009-05Efficient FDTD modeling of conical antennas현승엽; 김세윤
2012-11Eigenimage-Based Signal Processing for Subsurface Inhomogeneous Clutter Reduction in Ground-Penetrating Radar Images현승엽; 김세윤
2000-08FDTD simulation of compact antennas for a ground-penetrating radar현승엽; 김상욱; 김세윤
1999-09FDTD simulation on nondestructive testing for concrete structure by using GPR김상욱; 현승엽
1999-08FDTD simulation on the effect of manufacturing error of an open-ended coaxial probe for measuring complex permittivity신현; 현승엽; 김상욱, et al
2004-05FDTD verification of an improved conversion model for an open-ended coaxial probe조유선; 현승엽; 김세윤
2009-04Finite-difference time-domain model for the feeding gap of coaxial probe driven antennas현승엽; 김세윤; 김영식
2011-10GPR monitoring system for evaluation of asphalt pavement김상욱; 현승엽; 조재형, et al