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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-10A Humanoid Robot's Walking Pattern Generation for Starting Swiftly홍석민; 오용환; 김도익, et al
2014-09A Real-time Motion Data Reduction and Restoration Compatible with Robot's Physical Limits김도익; 박정민; 홍석민
2009-12A Walking Motion Imitation Framework of a Humanoid Robot by Human Walking Recognition from IMU Motion Data김성균; 홍석민; 김도익
2009-01A Walking Pattern Generation Method for Humaoid robots using Lest square method and Quartic polynomial홍석민; 오용환; 장영환, et al
2009-07A Walking pattern generation method of humanoid robot MAHRU-R홍석민; 오용환; 유범재, et al
2009-10A Walking Pattern Generation Method with Feedback and Feedforward Control for Humanoid Robots홍석민; 오용환; 김도익, et al
2006-07An Analytical Walking Pattern Generation for a Biped Robot홍석민; 오용환; 유범재
2007-10An Omni-directional Walking Pattern Generation Method for Humanoid Robots with Quartic Polynomials홍석민; 오용환; 장영환, et al
2006-10Analytical Walking Pattern Generation Method for Humanoid Robots using Cubic Polynomials홍석민; 오용환; 유범재
2008-08Balance Control in Whole Body Coordination Framework for Biped Humanoid Robot MAHRU-R장영환; 오용환; 김도익, et al
2009-10Comparison Study on Walking Pattern Generation Method of Humanoid Robots for Real-time Implementation홍석민; 오용환; 김도익, et al
2013-11From Human Motion Analysis to Whole-Body Control of a Dual-Arm Robot for Pick-And-Place Tasks김성균; 이동현; 홍석민, et al
2007-08Omni-directional Walking Pattern Generation for Humanoid Robots홍석민; 오용환; 장영환, et al
2010-10Online Footprint Imitation of a Humanoid Robot by Walking Motion Parameterization김성균; 홍석민; 김도익, et al
2014-01Real-Time Walking Pattern Generation Method for Humanoid Robots by Combining Feedback and Feedforward Controller홍석민; 오용환; 김도익, et al
2008-07Vibration Suppression and Balance Control for Biped Humanoid Walking장영환; 오용환; 김도익, et al
2008-11Walking pattern generation for Humanoid robots with LQR and feedforward control method홍석민; 오용환; 장영환, et al
2009-09Walking Pattern Generation Method with Feedforward and Feedback Control for Humanoid Robots홍석민; 오용환; 김도익, et al
2009-12Whole-Body Humanoid Balance Control with Dynamically Loading/Unloading Objects차영수; 홍석민; 김도익, et al
2013-10-25고분자전해질 기반 중공사흡착제 및 그 제조방법권효진; 박성환; 백경열, et al
2009-05-08이족 보행 로봇의 보행 패턴 생성 시스템김도익; 오용환; 유범재, et al
2014-08-20하드웨어 한계를 고려하는 동작 데이터의 압축 및 복원을 이용한 로봇 동작 데이터 처리 시스템김도익; 박재영; 박정민, et al
2008-04-29휴머노이드 로봇의 보행패턴 생성방법김도익; 오용환; 유범재, et al