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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-01A compliant controller dynamically updating the compliance center by contact localization강성철; 황용구; 김문상, et al
1997-03A compliant motion control for insertion of complex shaped objects using contact강성철; 황용구; 김문상, et al
1994-01A global motion planner for curve-tracing robots.황용구; P. C. Chen; D. D. Neidigk, et al
1995-01A heuristic and complete planner for the classical mover's problem.황용구
1992-01A potential field approach to path planning.황용구; N. Ahuja
1994-01Automated cleaning of electrical components.황용구; N. Ahuja; W. Drotning, et al
1994-01Automated cleaning of electronic componetns.황용구; W. Drotning; L. Meirans, et al
1990-01Boundary equations of configuration obstacles for manipulators.황용구
1997-01Competition between human and robot in boxing game이종원; 황용구
1996-01Complete motion planner for time-varying environments.황용구; 김문상; 이종원, et al
1996-01Completeness vs. efficiency for real applications of motion planning.황용구
1995-01Current status and future research in motion planning.황용구
1997-10Determination of optimal arm and hand configuration for grasping objects by humanoid robots and avatars조경래; 황용구; 김문상, et al
1994-01Generating natural-language like robot motion commands through machine learning.황용구
1992-09Gross motion planning - a survey.황용구; N. Ahuja
1997-10Human computer competition in game situation: motion planning for boxing박상민; 황용구; 이수용, et al
1997-01Human computer cooperation in interactive motion planning황용구; 강성철; 조경래, et al
1998-11Human interface, automatic planning, and control of a humanoid robot황용구; 강성철; 이수용, et al
1996-01Interactive task planning through natural language.황용구
1995-01Motion planning for multiple moving objects.황용구
1993-01Motion planning for robotic spray cleaning with environmentally safe solvents.황용구; L. Meirans; W. D. Drotning
1996-01Motion planning of a robotic arm on a wheeled vehicle on a rugged terrain.황용구
1997-08Motion planning of eye, hand and body of humanoid robot황용구; 조경래; 홍예선, et al
1994-01New regimes for robot motion planning.황용구
1996-01Optimizing robot placement for visit-point tasks.황용구; P. A. Watterberg
1988-01Path planning using a potential field representation.황용구; N. Ahuja
1991-01Practical path planning among movable obstracles.황용구; P. C. Chen
1989-01Robot path planning using a potential field representation.황용구; N. Ahuja
1992-01SANDROS: a motion planner with performance proportional to task difficulty.황용구; P. C. Chen
1996-11Task oriented path planning of dual-redundant manipulators황용구; 김병국; 조경래, et al