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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-10Dependence of the structural, the electrical, and the optical properties on the Ar/O ₂ flow-rate ratios for SnO ₂ thin films grown on p-InP (1 0 0) substrates at low temperature.T. W. Kim; D. U. Lee; M. Jung, et al
2006-09Fabrication of Epitaxial fcc Co/Cu Nanostructures/Si(001)H. M. Hwang; S. W. Shin; J. H. Kang, et al
2005-05Fabrication of Isolated Magnetic Nanostructures by Using Nanoporous Anodic Alumina Films on SiS. G. Lee; S. W. Shin; J. Lee, et al
2007-06Ferromagnetic Behavior above Room Temperature of Fe-Ion-Implanted ZnOY. Y. Song; K. S. Park; D. V. Son, et al
1996-01Going beyond the mean-field approximations of alloys and alloy superlattices: A few puzzles solved?.강광남; 우덕하; D. S. Kim, et al
2000-06Magnetization distribution in thin-film magnetic head신경호; E.E. Shalyguina; J. H. Lee, et al
2014-02Numerical Analysis and Experimental Validation of Distillation Process for Purification of TelluriumH. Li; G. Kim; B. W. Yoo, et al
2013-03Overview of the KoRIA Facility for Rare Isotope BeamsJ.K. Ahn; B.H. Choi; S.H. Hwang, et al
1990-01Photoluminescence studies on Zn-rich Hg//1//-//xZn//xTe single crystals and composition determination.전형욱; J. H. Lee; K. S. Kim, et al
2013-03Preoperative detection and predictors of level V lymph node metastasis in patients with papillary thyroid carcinomaM. J. Shim; J.-L. Roh; G. Gong, et al
1997-05Regenerator efficiency enhancement due to the combination of regenerator materials in an oscillating flow of a stirling cycle machine강병하; G. T. Lee; J. H. Lee
2005-11Si-based magnetic tunnel transistor with single CoFe base layerS. H. Jang; Y. W. Kim; J. H. Lee, et al
1996-01Spatial and dynamical properties of optical phnons in Al//xGa//1//-//xAs and GaAs/Al//xGa//1//-//xAs superlattices: Beyond the mean field approach.강광남; 우덕하; D. S. Kim, et al
1993-02Structural properties of BaTiO3 thin films on Si grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition염상섭; 윤영수; W. N. Kang, et al
2000-01Surface and interface microstructural properties of Ru thin films grown on InSb (111) substrates at room temperatureT. W. Kim; D. U. Lee; J. H. Lee, et al
2000-01Surface and microstructural properties of SnO2 thin films grown on p-InP (100) substrates at low temperatureT. W. Kim; D. U. Lee; J. H. Lee, et al
1994-01Synthesis and electrochemical properties of poly(1,6-heptadiyne) derivatives containing a carbazole moiety.조현남; J. W. Park; J. H. Lee, et al
1993-01Synthesis and photoconductivity of a poly(1,6-heptadiyne) derivative containing a carbazole moiety.조현남; J. W. Park; J. H. Lee, et al
1990-01The process of bubble formation in the hot isostatic pressing treated, doped molybdenum wire최주; J. H. Lee; I. H. Moon, et al
2004-06Tunneling magnetoresistance of nano-scale magnetic tunnel junctions박상용; J. H. Lee; 신일재, et al
2005-02X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of magnetic tunnel junctions이현준; 정세영; 조채룡, et al