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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-033D tissue formation by stacking detachable cell sheets formed on nanofiber mesh김홍남; Min Sung Kim; Byungjun Lee, et al
2012-09A flexible and highly sensitive strain-gauge sensor using reversible interlocking of nanofibres김홍남; Changhyun Pang; Gil-Yong Lee, et al
2009-04A nontransferring dry adhesive with hierarchical polymer nanohairs김홍남; Hoon Eui Jeong; Jin-Kwan Lee, et al
2017-01Artificial Slanted Nanocilia Array as a Mechanotransducer for Controlling Cell Polarity김홍남; Kyung-Jin Jang; Jung-Youn Shin, et al
2013-12Designing nanotopographical density of extracellular matrix for controlled morphology and function of human mesenchymal stem cells김홍남; Jangho Kim; Ki-Taek Lim, et al
2016-03Directed migration of cancer clls by the graded texture of the underlying matrixJinSeok Park; Deok-Ho Kim; 김홍남, et al
2013-10Directional Oil Sliding Surfaces with Hierarchical Anisotropic Groove Microstructures김홍남; Seong Min Kang; Chanseok Lee, et al
2012-12Effect of orientation and density of nanotopography in dermal wound healing김홍남; Yoonmi Hong; Min Sung Kim, et al
2011-08Modulus- and surface energy-tunable ultraviolet-curable polyurethane acrylate: properties and applications김홍남; Se-Jin Choi; Won-Gyu Bae, et al
2012-09Nanopatterned cardiac cell patches promote stem cell niche formation and myocardial regeneration김홍남; Deok-Ho Kim; Kshitiz, et al
2014-02Nanopatterned muscle cell patches for enhanced myogenesis and dystrophin expression In a mouse model of muscular dystrophy김홍남; Hee Seok Yang; Nicholas Ieronimakis, et al
2013-04Nanotopography-guided tissue engineering and regenerative medicine김홍남; Alex Jiao; Nathaniel S. Hwang, et al
2012-06Patterning methods for polymers in cell and tissue engineering김홍남; Do Hyung Kang; Min Sung Kim, et al
2014-12Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) microwells in microfluidics: Fabrication methods and applications김홍남; Do Hyun Kang; Pilnam Kim, et al
2012-03Quantitative analysis of the combined effect of substrate rigidity and topographic guidance on cell morphology김홍남; JinSeok Park; Deok-Ho Kim, et al
2014-02Scalable multiscale patterned structures inspired by nature : the role of hierarchy김홍남; Won-Gyu Bae; Doogon Kim, et al
2013-10Synergistic effects of nanotopography and co-culture with endothelial cells on osteogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells김홍남; Jangho Kim; Ki-Taek Lim, et al
2017-05Topography-Guided Control of Local Migratory Behaviors and Protein Expression of Cancer Cells김홍남; Jung-Youn Shin; Suk Ho Bhang, et al
2011-10Towards the next level of bioinspired dry adhesives: New designs and applications김홍남; Moon Kyu Kwak; Changhyun Pang, et al