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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-10Comparative peptidomics analysis of neural adaptations in rats repeatedly exposed to amphetamineElena V. Romanova; 이지은; Neil L. Kelleher, et al
2014-01Comparing Label-Free Quantitative Peptidomics Approaches to Characterize Diurnal Variation of Peptides in the Rat Suprachiasmatic NucleusBruce R. Southey; 이지은; Leonid Zamdborg, et al
2011-06Global Proteome Analysis Using High Throughput Top Down ProteomicsJohn C. Tran; Leonid Zamdborg; 이지은, et al
2010-10Intact mass detection, interpretation, and visualization to automate Top-Down proteomics on a large scaleKenneth R. Durbin; John C. Tran; Leonid Zamdborg, et al
2011-12Mapping intact protein isoforms in discovery mode using top-down proteomicsJohn C. Tran; Leonid Zamdborg; Dorothy R. Ahlf, et al
2015-12Mass Spectrometry and Antibody-Based Characterization of Blood Vessels from Brachylophosaurus canadensis.이지은; Timothy P. Cleland; Elena R. Schroeter, et al
2016-04Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Identification of Peptides Associated with Cephalic Ganglia Regeneration in Schmidtea mediterranea이지은; Ta-Hsuan Ong; Elena V. Romanova, et al
2015-09Mechanism of Inactivation of GABA Aminotransferase by (E)- and (Z)-(1S,3S)-3-Amino-4-fluoromethylenyl-1-cyclopentanoic Acid이현범; Hoang V. Le; Rui Wu, et al
2012-03Nano-LC FTICR Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Top-Down Proteomics: Routine Baseline Unit Mass Resolution of Whole Cell Lysate Proteins up to 72 kDaJeremiah D. Tipton; John C. Tran; Adam D. Catherman, et al
2013-02Quantitative peptidomics for discovery of circadian-related peptides from the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus이지은; Leonid Zamdborg; Bruce R. Southey, et al
2010-09The emerging process of Top Down mass spectrometry for protein analysis: biomarkers, protein-therapeutics, and achieving high throughputJohn F. Kellie; John C. Tran; 이지은, et al
2011-02Top-down proteomic analysis by use of molecular weight-based separation and online LC-FTMS이지은; John C. Tran; 신상미, et al
2011-08Top-down proteomic analysis by use of molecular weight-based separation and online nanoLC-FTMS이지은; John C. Tran; John F. Kellie, et al