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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02Analgesic Efficacy of a2 Adrenergic Receptor Agonists Depends on the Chronic State of Neuropathic Pain: Role of Regulator of G Protein Signaling 4김기선; 우지완; Seo-Yeon Yoon, et al
2019-01Astrocyte D-serine modulates the activation of neuronal NOS leading to the development of mechanical allodynia in peripheral neuropathy최훈성; Sheu-Ran Choi; Dae-Hyun Roh, et al
2016-12Astrocyte sigma-1 receptors modulate connexin 43 expression leading to the induction of below-level mechanical allodynia in spinal cord injured mice최훈성; Sheu-Ran Choi; Dae-Hyun Roh, et al
2018-02Differential involvement of ipsilateral and contralateral spinal cord astrocyte D-serine in carrageenan-induced mirror-image pain: role of σ1 receptors and astrocyte gap junctions최훈성; Dae-Hyun Roh; Seo-Yeon Yoon, et al
2017-04Involvement of peripheral P2Y1 receptors and potential interaction with IL-1 receptors in IL-1-induced thermal hypersensitivity in rats최훈성; Soon-Gu Kwon; Dae-Hyun Roh, et al
2015-06Microglial interleukin-1b in the ipsilateral dorsal horn inhibits the development of mirror-image contralateral mechanical allodynia through astrocyte activation in a rat model of inflammatory pain최훈성; Dae-Hyun Roh; Seo-Yeon Yoon, et al
2016-03Peripheral neurosteroids enhance P2X receptor-induced mechanical allodynia via a sigma-1 receptor-mediated mechanism최훈성; Soon-Gu Kwon; Seo-Yeon Yoon, et al
2019-05Spinal cytochrome P450c17 plays a key role in the development of neuropathic mechanical allodynia: Involvement of astrocyte sigma-1 receptors최훈성; Sheu-Ran Choi; Dae-Hyun Roh, et al
2017-04Spinal D-Serine Increases PKC-Dependent GIuN1 Phosphorylation Contributing to the Sigma-1 Receptor-Induced Development of Mechanical Allodynia in a Mouse Model of Neuropathic Pain최훈성; Sheu-Ran Choi; Ji-Young Moon, et al
2015-10Spinal sigma-1 receptor activation increases the production of D-serine in astrocytes which contributes to the development of mechanical allodynia in a mouse model of neuropathic pain최훈성; Ji-Young Moon; Sheu-Ran Choi, et al
2017-01The role of spinal interleukin-1β and astrocyte connexin 43 in the development of mirror-image pain in an inflammatory pain model최훈성; Dae-Hyun Roh; Seo-Yeon Yoon, et al