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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04A coordination chemistry approach for shape controlled synthesis of indium oxide nanostructures and their photoelectrochemical propertiesDipak V. Shinde; Do Young Ahn; Vijaykumar V. Jadhav, et al
2014-09A simple, room temperature, solid-state synthesis route for metal oxide nanostructuresSupriya A. Patil; Dipak V. Shinde; Do Young Ahn, et al
2002-04Activation of C-H bonds with atmospheric molecular oxygen at 10 ˚ C with a heterogeneous catalyst, Fe/MgO조성훈; Sung-Hwan Han; Minserk Cheong
2015-04An ion exchange mediated shape-preserving strategy for constructing 1-D arrays of porous CoS1.0365 nanorods for electrocatalytic reduction of triiodideSupriya A. Patil; Dipak V. Shinde; Iseul Lim, et al
2012-07CdS buffer-layer free highly efficient ZnO-CdSe photoelectrochemical cellsRajaram S. Mane; Dipak V. Shinde; Seog Joon Yoon, et al
2008-04Enhanced charge collection and reduced recombination of CdS/TiO2 quantum-dots sensitized solar cells in the presence of single-walled carbon nanotubesWonjoo Lee; Jungwoo Lee; Sangjin Lee, et al
2014-02Enhanced photovoltaic performance of Cu-based metal-organic frameworks sensitized solar cell by addition of carbon nanotubesDeok Yeon Lee; Chan Yong Shin; Seog Joon Yoon, et al
2015-11Formation of Semimetallic Cobalt Telluride Nanotube Film via Anion Exchange Tellurization Strategy in Aqueous Solution for Electrocatalytic ApplicationsSupriya A. Patil; Eun-Kyung Kim; Nabeen K. Shrestha, et al
2008-09Heterojunction of Hydrophobic Poly(1,4-phenylenevinylene) and Hydrophilic PEDOT:PSS on Hydrophilic CdS NanoparticlesWonjoo Lee; Su Jin Baek; Sun Ki Min, et al
2012-05In Situ Polymerization of Acetylene Polymer on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube and Its Application to Photoinduced Charge Transfer SystemMisun Lee; Deok Yeon Lee; Yoon-Chae Nah, et al
2015-05Indolocarbazole based small molecules: an efficient hole transporting material for perovskite solar cellsIseul Lim; Eun-Kyung Kim,; Supriya A. Patil, et al
2016-04Interfacial Engineering for Enhanced Light Absorption and Charge Transfer of a Solution-Processed Bulk Heterojunction Based on Heptazole as a Small Molecule Type of Donor이중기; Iseul Lim; Hoa Thi Bui, et al
2015-10Interfacial Engineering of CdO?CdSe 3D Microarchitectures with in situ Photopolymerized PEDOT for an Enhanced Photovoltaic PerformanceIseul Lim; Dipak V. Shinde; Supriya A. Patil, et al
2015-11Li-ion capacitor based on CuO/Cu2O/C anode and carbon cathode materials synthesized from single metal-organic framework김아영; 김민규; Keum Nam Cho, et al
2013-03Low temperature chemically synthesized rutile TiO2 photoanodes with high electron lifetime for organic dye-sensitized solar cellsSwapnil B. Ambade; Rohan B. Ambade; Rajaram S. Mane, et al
2012-05Nitrogen-doped ZnO shells: Studies on optical transparency and electrical conductivityRajendra S. Gaikwad; Rajaram S. Mane; Bhagwat N. Pawar, et al
2016-08One-Step Catalytic Synthesis of CuO/Cu2O in a Graphitized Porous C Matrix Derived from the Cu-Based Metal?Organic Framework for Liand Na-Ion Batteries이중기; 최원창; 우재영, et al
2013-09Photoelectrochemical cells by design: 3D nanoporous CdO-CdSe architectures on ITODipak V. Shinde; Iseul Lim; 이중기, et al
2013-09Photoelectrochemical Studies of Chemically (Sol-Gel) Synthesized Tin Oxide NanocrystallitesSambhaji S. Bhande; Sanjay L. Gaikwad; Bharat G. Pawar, et al
2016-07Self-assembly of cobalt hexacyanoferrate crystals in 1-D array using ion exchange transformation route for enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of alkaline and neutral water이중기; Hoa Thi Bui; Do Young Ahn, et al
2012-09SnO2 nanowall-arrays coated with rutile-TiO2 nanoneedles for high performance dye-sensitized solar cellsDipak V. Shinde; Rajaram S. Mane; 오인환, et al
2012-07Structural analysis and dye-sensitized solar cell application of electrodeposited tin oxide nanoparticlesSambhaji S. Bhande; Gauri A. Taur; Arif V. Shaikh, et al
2012-05Structural and Optical Properties of Chemically Deposited CuInSe2 Thin Film in Acidic MediumSeog Joon Yoon; Iseul Lim; Soon Hyung Kang, et al
2013-05Supercapacitive property of metal-organic-frameworks with different pore dimensions and morphologyDeok Yoon Lee; Dipak V. Shinde; Eun-Kyung Kim, et al
2012-07Upright-standing SnO2 nanowalls: Fabrication, dual-photosensitization and photovoltaic propertiesDipak V. Shinde; Iseul Lim; 김창삼, et al