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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-05A mixed-cation mixed-anion borohydride NaY(BH4)2Cl2Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk; Morten B. Ley; 이영수, et al
2015-10Ammine Calcium and Strontium Borohydrides: Syntheses, Structures, and PropertiesLars H. Jepsen; 이영수; Radovan Cerny, et al
2014-04Boron-nitrogen based hydrides and reactive composites for hydrogen storageLars H. Jepsen; Morten B. Ley; 이영수, et al
2014-04Complex hydrides for hydrogen storage - new perspectivesMorten B. Ley; Lars H. Jepsen; 이영수, et al
2009-08Decomposition Reactions and Reversibility of the LiBH4-Ca(BH4)2 Composite이지연; Dorthe Ravnsbaek; 이영수, et al
2012-05LiCe(BH4)3Cl, a New Lithium-Ion Conductor and Hydrogen Storage Material with Isolated Tetranuclear Anionic ClustersMorten B. Ley; Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk; Yaroslav Filinchuk, et al
2016-09Lithium Ion Disorder and Conduction Mechanism in LiCe(BH4)3Cl조영환; 이영수; Morten B. Ley, et al
2016-06Solid state synthesis, structural characterization and ionic conductivity of bimetallic alkali-metal yttrium borohydrides MY(BH4)4 (M = Li and Na)조영환; 이영수; Elsa Roedern, et al
2012-09Synthesis and Structural Investigation of Zr(BH4)4Line H. Rude; Marta Corno; Piero Ugliengo, et al
2014-06Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Thermal Decomposition, and 11B MAS NMR Characterization of Mg(BH4)2(NH3BH3)2Lars H. Jepsen; Voraksmy Ban; Kasper T. Møller, et al
2015-07Trends in Syntheses, Structures, and Properties for Three Series of Ammine Rare-Earth Metal Borohydrides, M(BH4)3·nNH3 (M = Y, Gd, and Dy)Lars H. Jepsen; Morten B. Ley; Radovan Cerny, et al