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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1974-07The effects of solvents, anionic neutral ligands upon the organometallic reaction.엄성진
1974-08함티탄자철광의 제련에 관한 연구 .백영현; 윤동석; 김재수
1974-12다공질 알루미늄계 에어필터 개발 .김재수
1974-12Mechanism of antibacterial agents박찬웅
1974-12기류건조기의 설계 (I).권영수; 박명치
1975-01An improved procedure for the preparation of hydroxy ester with activated zinc.엄성진; R. D. Rieke
1975-01일방향 응고한 Al-Si-Mg 합금의 현미경 조직과 기계적 성질 .신명철
1975-013-Molybdo-9-tungstophosphoric acid, 6-molybdo-6-tungstophosphoric acid and their reduction products.임경란; 윤민중; 소현수
1975-01Studies of the actions of Aconiti tuber butanol fraction on the mechanical and electrical properties of isolated rabbit atrium홍사악; 박찬웅; 김명석, et al
1975-01Organotitanium chemistryI (IV), the molecular and electronic structure of TiCl(OC//6H//5)//3·C//6H//5OH 및 Ti(OC//6H//5)//4·C//6H//5OH.손연수; 어용선; 이후성
1975-01Electron paramagnetic resonance and INDO study of carbon-13 hyperfine splitting constants in benzyl-radical and toluene radical anion.정일남; Arthur M. Ihrig; Paul Ronald Jones, et al
1975-01Hyperconjugative vs. d orbital effects in unsaturated silanes, II. the radical anions of para-silyl-substituted anilines.정일남; Paul Ronald Jones
1975-01Composition dependence of the transition temperatures of the binary mixtures of the Schiff base liquid crystals : MBBA/EBBA and MBBA/BBCA.강광남; 정원
1975-01Complex formation between ferric ion and phosphoric acid.손연수; 김명순; 김창홍
1975-01The mechanical properties of single wood pulp fibers. III. The effect of drying stress on strength.김정엽; D. H. Page; F. El-Hosseiny, et al
1975-01Radical chain reactions of halomethyldimethylsilanes.정일남; William P. Weber
1975-01Radical anions of trimethylsilyl-substituted NN-dimethylanilines.정일남; Paul Ronald Jones
1975-01Formation of silicon carbide from rice hulls이준근; Ivan B. Cutler