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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06A software architecture for service robots manipulating objects in human environments박성기; 김창환; 김동환, et al
2020-06Where to relocate?: Object rearrangement inside cluttered and confined environments for robotic manipulation김창환; 남창주; 정상훈, et al
2020-06Fast and resilient manipulation planning for target retrieval in clutter김창환; 남창주; 정상훈, et al
2020-06Deep Cerebellar Low-intensity Focused Ultrasound Stimulation Restores Interhemispheric Balance after Ischemic Stroke in Mice세바스쳔 로열; 김형민; 동서연, et al
2020-06Electrical resistivity and microstructural evolution of electrodeposited Co and Co-W nanowires안재평; 김양희; 유은민, et al
2020-063D Stacked FSI Multi-channel dSiPM이명재; Francesco Gramuglia; Andrada Muntean, et al
2020-06Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes in CMOS Technology: Towards Low-Cost and Compact Solid-State LiDAR Sensors (Invited Review Paper)이명재
2020-06Highly selective and scalable CO2 to CO - Electrolysis using coral-nanostructured Ag catalysts in zero-gap configuration민병권; 황윤정; 오형석, et al
2020-06A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Copying Process of a Complex Figure in Early- and Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Quantitative Analysis of Digital Pen Data김고운; 이성윤; 최종두, et al
2020-06A Review of Aerosol Chemistry in Asia: Insights from Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Measurements김화진; Wei Zhou; Weiqi Xu, et al
2020-06Inhibition of Photoconversion Activity in Self-Assembled ZnO-Graphene Quantum Dots Aggregated by 4-Aminophenol Used as a Linker손동익; 심재호; 임거환, et al
2020-06Refinement of cerebellar network organization by extracellular signaling during development게이코 야마모토; 유키오 야마모토; 박희연
2020-06Facile Direct Seed-Mediated Growth of AuPt Bimetallic Shell on the Surface of Pd Nanocubes and Application for Direct H2O2 Synthesis안재평; 이승용; 김홍규, et al
2020-06Haploinsufficiency of Cyfip2 Causes Lithium-Responsive Prefrontal Dysfunction최지현; 김정진; 이승현, et al
2020-06Tentonin 3/TMEM150C senses blood pressure changes in the aortic arch홍규상; 오우택; 김형섭, et al
2020-05Extracellular pyruvate kinase M2 facilitates cell migration by upregulating claudin-1 expression in colon cancer cells양은경; 정학숙; 김소연, et al
2020-05Machine learning-based design strategy for 3D printable bioink: elastic modulus and yield stress determine printability김상헌; 오승자; 이주영, et al
2020-05Luminescent silica films prepared using perhydropolysilazane and Mndoped ZnS nanophosphors변지영; 한준수; 이승용, et al
2020-05Recyclable, flame-retardant and smoke-suppressing tannic acid-based carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic정용채; 김재우; 김민국, et al
2020-05Synergistic effects between electrocatalyst and electrolyte in the electrocatalytic reduction of lignin model compounds in a stirred slurry reactor김창수; Y. P. Wijaya; K. J. Smith, et al