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Realization of Structural Colors via Capped Cu-based F?P Cavity Structure

(변지영; 이승용; 조소혜; 라흐만 압둘; 김윤희, Optics express, 2021-08)

Unravelling the Behavior of Dion?Jacobson Layered Hybrid Perovskites in Humid Environments

(김지영; Algirdas Duc?inskas; Davide Moia; Alessandro Senocrate; Ya-Ru Wang; Michael A Hope; Aditya Mishra; Dominik J Kubicki; Miłosz Siczek; Wojciech Bury; Thomas Schneeberger; Lyndon Emsley; Jovana V Milic?; Joachim Maier; Michael Gra?tzel, ACS energy letters, 2020-12)

Chemical tailoring of sodium content for optimization of interfacial band bending and alignment in flexible kesterite solar cells

(김지영; 박하경; 조윤애; 김주란; 정우림; 김경필; 이동선; 조윌렴, Solar energy materials and solar cells, 2021-09)

Quantitative Hg2+ detection via forming three coordination complexes using a lysosome targeting quinoline - Fisher aldehyde fluorophore

(이강봉; Selvaraj Muthusamy; Long Zhao; Kanagaraj Rajalakshmi; Dongwei Zhu; Shengjun Wang; John Mack; Long Zhang; Weihua Zhu, Talanta, 2021-09)

A Shape-Variable, Low_Temperature Liquid Metal-Conductive Polymer Aqueous Secondary Battery

(이중기; 렌렌; Hao Fu; Guicheng Liu; Lingyun iong; Manxiang Wang; Jeongwoo Lee; Woochul Yang, Advanced functional materials, 2021-09)

Reflection color tuning of a metal?insulator?metal cavity structure using arc plasma deposition of gold nanoparticles

(변지영; 고형덕; 라흐만 압둘; 김윤희; 황종승; 허주열, Applied surface science, 2021-10)

Solution-processed flexible nonvolatile organic field-effect transistor memory using polymer electret

(김인수; 김재용; 호동일; 김명길; 백강준; 김충익, Organic electronics, 2021-09)

Electrochemical Evaluation of Surface Modified Free-Standing CNT Electrode for Li?O2 Battery Cathode

(김형석; 김인수; 이지현; 정현욱; 박민, ENERGIES, 2021-07)

Spectral Instability of Layered Mixed Halide Perovskites Results from Anion Phase Redistribution and Selective Hole Injection

(김인수; 나윤서; Omar Allam; 김한슬; 최지일; 변진우; 김상욱; 장승순; 김동하, ACS Nano, 2020-12)

Polarity Control and Weak Fermi-Level Pinning in PdSe2 Transistors

(곽준영; 박은표; Jae Eun Seo; Tanmoy Das; Dongwook Seo; Jiwon Chang, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021-08)

Capping agent-free synthesis of surface engineered Pt nanocube for electrochemical ammonia oxidation

(유성종; 이세현; 진하늘; 손연선; 이수형; 김필, International journal of energy research, 2021-09)

Tailoring of the Pt islands RuO2/C Catalysts by Galvanic Replacement to Achieve Enhanced Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction and CO Poisoning Resistance

(김형준; 장종현; 유성종; 박희영; 이세현; 장인준; 이동욱; 진하늘; 최대일; 이명재; 이관영, ACS applied energy materials, 2021-08)

Molecular Dopant-dependent Charge Transport in Surface-charge-transfer-doped WSe2 Field Effect Transistors

(이정훈; 조경준; Jae-Keun Kim; Juntae Jang; Kyeong-Yoon Baek; Jehyun Kim; Junseok Seo; Minwoo Song; Jiwon Shin; Jaeyoung Kim; Stuart S. P. Parkin; Keehoon Kang; Takhee Lee, Advanced materials, 2021-09)

Overcoming Metastable CO2 Adsorption in a Bulky Diamine-Appended Metal-Organic Framework

(이정훈; Bhavish Dinakar; Alexander C. Forse; Henry Z. H. Jiang; Ziting Zhu; Eugene J. Kim; Surya T. Parker; Connor J. Pollak; Rebecca L. Siegelman; Phillip J. Milner; Jeffrey A. Reimer; Jeffrey R. Long, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2021-09)

Biocompatible Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Storage and Therapeutic Delivery of Hydrogen Sulfide

(이정훈; Faith E. Chen; Ruth M. Mandel; Joshua J. Woods; Jaehwan Kim; Jesse H. Hsu; Jos? J. Fuentes-Rivera; Justin J. Wilson; Phillip J. Milner, Chemical Science, 2021-04)

Understanding Correlation Between CO2 Insertion Mechanism and Chain Length of Diamine in Metal-Organic Framework

(이정훈; Susan E. Ju; Jong Hyeak Choe; Minjung Kang; Dong Won Kang; Hyojin Kim; Chang Seop Hong, ChemSusChem, 2021-04)

Proton-beam engineered surface-point defects for highly sensitive and reliable NO2 sensing under humid environments

(이정훈; Jae Hoon Bang; Yong Jung Kwon; Ali Mirzaei; Ha Young Lee; Hyeunseok Choi; Sang Sub Kim; Young Kyu Jeong; Hyoun Woo Kim, Journal of hazardous materials, 2021-04)

Fluoroarene Separations in Metal?Organic Frameworks with Two Proximal Mg2+ Coordination Sites

(이정훈; Mary E. Zick; Miguel I. Gonzalez; Ever O. Velasquez; Adam A. Uliana; Jaehwan Kim; Jeffrey R. Long; Phillip J. Milner, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2021-01)

Tuning the Optoelectronic Properties of Hybrid Functionalized MIL-125-NH2 for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution

(이정훈; Farrokh Mohammadnezhad; Stavroula Kampouri; Samuel K. Wolff; Yunkai Xu; Mostafa Feyzi; Xiulei Ji; Kyriakos C. Stylianou, ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, 2021-01)

Design of dispersion-free dielectrics as engineering perovskite unit cells of

(최지원; 류소연; 임해나; 남산, Ceramics International, 2021-03)

Conformation-modulated three-dimensional electrocatalysts for high-performance fuel cell electrodes

(채근화; 김진영; 김종민; 강윤식; 김호영; 정주해; 이경아; 조아래; 한혁진; 김예지; 이규락; 김민준; 박예민; 이어윤; 함형철; 주현철; 정연식, Science Advances, 2021-07)

Synergetic Structural Transformation of Pt Electrocatalyst into Advanced 3D Architectures for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

(김용민; 김진영; 김종민; 임영준; 김준; 김주형; 아프로즈 알람; 이재승; 주현철; 함형철, Advanced materials, 2020-12)

Etching mechanism of monoatomic aluminum layers during MXene synthesis

(김선준; 김용재; 서다래; 채윤정; Mark Anayee; 이용희; Yury Gogotsi; 안치원; 정희태, Chemistry of materials, 2021-08)

Lithiophilic MXene-guided lithium metal nucleation and growth behaviour

(구종민; 김선준; 하손; 김대신; 임형규; 윤영수, Advanced functional materials, 2021-08)

Biomimetic photocatalysts for the conversion of aqueous-and gas-phase nitrogen species to molecular nitrogen via denitrification and ammonia oxidation

(문건희; 박철우; 곽혜림; 김우열, Journal of materials chemistry. A, Materials for energy and sustainability, 2021-09)

Voltage control of ferrimagnetic order and voltage-assisted writing of ferrimagnetic spin textures

(장준연; 이기영; Mantao Huang; Muhammad Usama Hasan; Konstantin Klyukin; Delin Zhang; Deyuan Lyu; Pierluigi Gargiani; Manuel Valvidares?; Sara Sheffels; Alexandra Churikova; Felix B?ttner; Jonas Zehner; Lucas Caretta; Jian-Ping Wang; Karin Leistner; Bilge Yildiz; Geoffrey S. D. Beach, Nature nanotechnology, 2021-07)

Memory effect of vertically stacked hBN/QDs/hBN structures based on quantum-dot monolayers sandwiched between hexagonal boron nitride layer

(손동익; 박상규; 심재호; 이재현; 이주송; 윤용주; Basavaraj Angadi, Composites. Part B, Engineering, 2021-09)

The Impact of 5-Hydroxymethyl Furfural (HMF)-Metal Interactions on the Electrochemical Reduction Pathways of HMF on Various Metal Electrodes

(이동기; 우종인; Stephen R. Kubota; Aurora N. Janes; Michael T. Bender; J. R. Schmidt; Kyoung-Shin Choi, ChemSusChem, 2021-08)

CHIP-mediated hyperubiquitylation of tau promotes its self-assembly into the insoluble tau filaments

(임상민; 김지현; 이지영; 최원훈; 박서영; 박서형; 이정훈; 문지영; 조현수; 한도현; 서영호; 이민재, Chemical Science, 2021-03)

Electrocatalytic Reduction of Low Concentrations of CO2 Gas in a Membrane Electrode Assembly Electrolyzer

(이웅; 원다혜; 이동기; 최웅; 김동진; 최용준; 이희원; 이시영; 김웅; 나종걸; 황윤정, ACS energy letters, 2021-09)

Measurement of Environmentally Influenced Variations in Anthocyanin Accumulations in Brassica rapa subsp. Chinensis (Bok Choy) Using Hyperspectral Imaging

(김재헌; 김준식; 김형석; 박수현; 유지혜; 김효석; 정영철, Frontiers in plant science, 2021-08)

Ultrasensitive Photodetection in MoS2 Avalanche Phototransistors

(정승준; 조경준; 서준석; 이진희; 박진수; 김재근; 김재영; 장준태; 안희범; 임성주; 강기훈; 이탁희, Advanced science, 2021-08)

Flowable polysilsesquioxanes as robust solvent-free optical hard coatings

(황승상; 백경열; 조상호; 이성수; 서진영; 최민혁; 안정빈; 우한영, Reactive & functional polymers, 2021-09)

Structure?Property Relationships of 3D-Printable Chain-Extended Block Copolymers with Tunable Elasticity and Biodegradability

(황승상; 이성수; 김령일; 이건창; 이정현; 박지종, ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 2021-08)

Design process of patient-specific osteosynthesis plates using topology optimization

(김래현; 박시명; 박소연; 박지은; 최민욱; 노건우, Journal of computational design and engineering, 2021-09)

Roles of polymerized anionic clusters stimulating for hydrolysis deterioration in Li7P3S11

(김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 양성은; 박상백; 김지수; 신성수; 정으뜸; 이종흔, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2021-09)

Thermal Barrier Coating for Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials

(이민욱; 김정원; 김희진; Juhyeong Lee, Composites. Part B, Engineering, 2021-09)

Investigation of detection wavelength of Quantum Well Infrared-Photodetector

(최원준; 송진동; 임주영; 신재철; 허두창; 황성호, Applied Science and Convergence Technology, 2015-11)

Soft Robotic Palm With Tunable Stiffness Using Dual-Layered Particle Jamming Mechanism

(양성욱; 황동현; 김재희; 이정원; 박성우, IEEE/ASME transactions on mechatronics, 2021-08)

Design and Control of Fully Handheld Microsurgical Robot for Active Tremor Cancellation

(양성욱; 김은찬; 최인구, ICRA (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation), 2021-06)

Soft Robotic Palm with Tunable Stiffness Using Dual-Layered Particle Jamming Mechanism

(황동현; 김재희; 이정원; 박성우, IEEE/ASME transactions on mechatronics, 2021-08)

Electrochemical investigations of a high capacity Na2CrO4/C nanocomposite anode for sodium-ion batteries

(정경윤; 무하마드 아크바; Ghulam Ali, International journal of energy research, 2021-09)

PBI nanofiber mat-reinforced anion exchange membranes with covalently linked interfaces for use in water electrolysers

(장종현; 헨켄스마이어디억; 박현서; 예카테리나 최; 함자 칼리드; 말리카 나지바; Yongfang Chen; Qingfeng Li; Chulsung Bae; Jarom?r Hnat; Michaela Plevova; Karel Bouzek, Journal of membrane science, 2021-12)

Design of V-Substituted TiFe-Based Alloy for Target Pressure Range and Easy Activation

(조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 이영수; 무함마드 파이살; 김준형; 장재일, Materials, 2021-09)

Retraction fibers produced by fibronectin-integrin a5ß1 interaction promote motility of brain tumor cells

(성지혜; 이해님; Seon Yong Lee; Sang-Hun Choi; Min Seok Lee; Amanzhol Kurmashev; Young-Gyu Ko; Kanghun Lee; Sohee Jeong; Joo H. Kang; Hyunggee Kim, The FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 2021-09)

Scaffold repusposing of in-house small molecule candidates leads to discovery of first in class CDK-1/Her-2 dual inhibitors

(노은주; 백소라; 모하메드 햄디; Ahmed Elkamhawy; Usama M. Ammar; Magda H. Abdellattif; 이경, Molecules, 2021-09)

Discovery of novel and potent safinamide-based derivatives as highly selective hMAO-B inhibitors for tratment of Parkinson's disease

(노은주; 박기덕; 박종현; 백소라; 김현정; Ahmed Elkamhawy; Ahmed E. Hassan; 이경, Bioorganic chemistry, 2021-10)