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1 풀림 방지 나사 체결 구조 및 풀림 방지 나사 체결 구조 제조 방법

(한국과학기술연구원, 20150414)

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2 백래쉬 측정 장치 및 방법

(한국과학기술연구원, 20120807)

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3 1,1,1,2-테트라플루오로에탄,펜타플루오로에탄및1,1,1-트리플루오로에탄의병산방법

(한국과학기술연구원, 19950823)

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4 1,1,1,2-테트라플루오로에탄과 펜타플루오로에탄의 병산방법

(한국과학기술연구원, 19960423)

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5 도금 폐수로부터 용매 추출법을 이용한 중금속의 회수 방법

(김성규; 오종기; 이화영, 한국과학기술연구원, 20021227)

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6 Microfluidic Electrochemical Cell for in situ Structural Characterization of Amorphous Thin-Film Catalysts Using High-Energy X-ray Scattering

(김인수; G. Kwon; Y. H. Cho; K. B. Kim; J. D. Emery; X. Zhang; A. B. F. Martinson; D. M. Tiede, Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 2019-09)

7 감각 피드백 차이에 따른 신체 배런스 기능 평가

(윤인찬; 한성민; 성주환; 박희수, 한국정밀공학회 춘계학술대회, 2019-05)

8 Machine-Learning-Based Detection of Craving for Gaming Using Multimodal Physiological Signals: Validation of Test-Retest Reliability for Practical Use

(김래현; 김호; 임창환, Sensors, 2019-08)

9 Material and Site Specific Partition Coefficients for Beneficial Use Assessments

(정재식; Nawaf I. Blaisi; Kyle Clavier; Justin Roessler; Timothy G. Townsend; Souhail R. Al-Abed; Jean-Claude J. Bonzongo, Environmental science & technology, 2019-07)

10 (1) 압력비 변화에 따른 스크롤팽창기 성능특성 실험

(곽철우; 송원빈; 김태균; 김주영; 김광호, 2015 한국유체기계학회 하계 학술대회 논문집, 201506)

11 Switch-like enhancement of epithelial- mesenchymal transition by YAP through feedback regulation of WT1 and Rho-family GTPases

(김홍남; JinSeok Park; Deok-Ho Kim; Sagar R Shah; Kshitiz; Peter Kim; Alfredo Quin?ones-Hinojosa; Andre Levchenko, Nature Communications, 2019-06)

12 Ultrasound stimulation in dorsal root ganglion for peripheral nerve regeneration

(윤인찬; 한성민; 양화선; 허은영, 한국정밀공학회 춘계학술대회, 2019-05)

13 Highly stable boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) dispersions and pastes for thin film coatings and fibers

(장세규; 임홍진; 김범준, American Chemical Society, 2019-03)

14 Atomic and Electronic Reconstruction at the a-LAO/STO Interface by e-beam Induced Crystallization

(장혜정; 백승협; 이광엽; 김신익; 한경탁; 김영민; 김도향, 2019 Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M), 2019-08)

15 Metabolomic and lipidomic study in EAE induced mice plasma to identify metabolic changes by disease progression

(권오승; 정병화; 이가경; 하산마흐법, 대한약학회, 2018-10)

16 Super-insulating, flame-retardant, and flexible poly(dimethylsiloxane) composites based on silica aerogel

(정용채; 조재현; 윤상준; 김영오; 임순호; Hyeseong Lee; Doojin Lee; Seong Yun Kim; Dong Gi Seong, Composites. Part A, Applied science and manufacturing, 2019-05)

17 Series Resistance Effects on the Back-gate Biased Operation of Junctionless Transistors

(전대영; So Jeong Park; Mireille Mouis; Sylvain Barraud; Gyu-Tae Kim; Gerard Ghibaudo, EUROSOI-ULIS2019, 2019-04)

18 Nacre-mimic graphene nanocomposites for electromagnetic interference suppression in near-field

(김상우; 정훈기; 김상혜, Nano Korea 2019, 2019-07)

19 Microstructural control of a SSZ-13 zeolite film via rapid thermal processing

(최낙원; Jinseong Kim; Eunhee Jang; Sungwon Hong; Dongjae Kim; Eunjoo Kim; Hannes Richter; Adrian Simon; Danil Korelskiy; Shahpar Fouladvand; Jaewook Nam; Jungkyu Choi, Journal of membrane science, 2019-08)

20 Morphological studies of Pitting corrosion inhibition of sprinkler copper tubes by forming Cu-BTA film on the inner surface of corrosion pits

(김소희; 강희경, 나노코리아, 2019-07)