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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-111/f noise in semiconductor heterostructure laser diodes이정일; 한일기; 최원준, et al
2005-031/f noise of GaAs Schottky diodes embedded with self-assembled InAs quantum dots송진동; 최원준; 한일기, et al
1999-041/fγ noise in polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistorsC. A. Dimitriadis; J. Brini; 이정일, et al
2003-0410 Gb/s all optical AND gate by using semiconductor optical amplifiers김재헌; 김병채; 변영태, et al
2003-0110 Gb/s All Optical AND Gate by using semiconductor optical amplifiers김병채; 김재헌; 변영태, et al
2003-0710 Gb/s all-optical AND gate by using semiconductor optical amplifiers김재헌; 김병채; 변영태, et al
2003-0510 Gb/s all-optical AND gate using XGM of semiconductor optical amplifiers김재헌; 김병채; 변영태, et al
2002-0410 Gb/s all-optical binary half-adder using SOA with No additional input beam전영민; 김재헌; 변영태, et al
2002-1010 Gb/s all-optical half adder by using semiconductor optical amplifier based devices김재헌; 전영민; 변영태, et al
1997-1110 GHz harmonically mode-locked fiber ring laser김봉규; 김명욱; 전영민, et al
1999-1210 GHz phase look loop using a four-wave-mixing signal in semiconductor optical amplifier김동환; 김상혁; 조재철, et al
2000-1010 GHz로 고조모드록킹된 고리형 어븀첨가 광섬유 레이저의 이론적 해석 및 향상된 공진기 설계이유승; 전영민; 김동환, et al
2010-0510 MHz Low-Afterpulse Single-Photon Detection at 1.55 μm Using the Active Hold-Off Technique for QKD보우지드; 박준범; 김세민, et al
2018-0310(5) Cyclable Pseudocapacitive Na-Ion Storage of Hierarchically Structured Phosphorus-Incorporating Nanoporous Carbons in Organic Electrolytes이현주; 박슬기; 권성현, et al
2005-0810-Gbit/s All-Optical Full Adder with Semiconductor Optical Amplier Based Logic Gates변영태; 김재헌; 전영민, et al
2006-1010-GHz Harmonically Mode-Locked Fiber Ring Laser Stabilized by Cavity Length Control for over 16 Hours전영민; 이석; 김선호
2002-11100 kW MCFC system development in Korea임희천; 강병삼; K.-S Ahn, et al
2010-02100 nm scale low-noise sensors based on aligned carbon nanotube networks: overcoming the fundamental limitation of network-based sensors이민백; 이주형; 김태현, et al
1996-01100 ㎚ electron beam lithography using a modified scanning electron microscope.김성일; 민석기; 김은규, et al
1988-07(100) 실리콘 기판위에 MOCVD 법으로 성장된 GaAs 에피층의 결정구조 특성 .김용; 김무성; 김현수, et al