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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-0621세기 고분자 소재의 역할김광웅
2001-0321세기 전략산업으로 중점 육성해야 : 환경산업의 발전방향정윤철
2008-1022Cr25NiNb 오스테나이트계 스테인레스강의 크리프-파단 특성에 영향을 미치는 입계탄화물 석출거동에 관한 연구김용욱; 정우상; 정영훈, et al
2017-0225-Hydroxycholesterol is involved in the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis이강미; 이재익; 차은주, et al
2000-0425kW MCFC system configuration and operation characteristics임희천; 이충곤; 고준호, et al
2017-0428 W CW linearly polarized single mode all-fiber thulium-doped fiber laser operating at 1.95 mm이상배; 이관일; 왕지아첸, et al
1998-072D and 3D simulation of toroidal type thin film inductors류호준; 김성동; 이정중, et al
2017-092D boron nitride nanoflakes as a multifunctional additive in gel polymer electrolyte for safe, long cycle life and high rate lithium metal batteries심지민; 김희중; 김병각, et al
2018-122D heterostructure for enhanced gas barrier performance via synergetic effect김수민; 이주송; 고하영
1999-112D Image-based individual 3D face model generation and animation김진우; 고한석; 김형곤, et al
2017-072D Materials and Their Applications for Saturable Absorbers전영민; Ju Han Lee
2019-112D Metal Carbides and Nitrides (MXenes)구종민; 김혜림; 아미르 이크발, et al
2020-112D MXenes for Electromagnetic Shielding-a Review구종민; 프라딥 삼비얼; 아미르 이크발
2017-092D reentrant auxetic structures of graphene/CNT networks for omnidirectionally stretchable supercapacitors이상수; 박종혁; 최인석, et al
2019-042D reentrant micro-honeycomb structure of graphene-CNT in polyurethane: High stretchability, superior electrical/thermal conductivity, and improved shape memory properties손정곤; 강태형; 오진우, et al
2020-022D Silicon Nanosheets/Carbon Composites Based Foldable Anode Electrode for Lithium-Ion Batteries조병원; 하정훈; 박상원, et al
2018-022D Single-Crystalline Copper Nanoplates as a Conductive Filler for Electronic Ink Applications김태욱; 이동수; 이상현, et al
2021-032D to 3D transformation of gold nanosheets on human adipose-derived α-elastin nanotemplates최기영; 한화승; 김재동, et al
2018-102D WSe2/MoS2 van der Waals heterojunction photodiode for visible-near infrared broadband detection황도경; 이효선; 안종태, et al
1993-012D ¹H and ³¹P NMR spectra and disorted a-DNA-like duplex structure of a phosphorodithioate oligonucleotide한예선; Frank C. Zhu; Bruce A. Luxon, et al