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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199701Polymeric self-assembly systems for delivery of bioactive agents이근용; 조원호; 김용희; 권익찬; 정서영
199701New strategies for mucosal immunization with polysaccharide-cholera toxin B subunit (CTB) conjugate entrapped in alginate microsphere조남혁; 성승용; 김용희; 권익찬; Byung Yun Ahn; 정서영
199701Solvent evaporation technique for the preparation of biodegradable polyester microspheres김진희; 김용희; 권익찬; 손영택; 정서영
199701Stable lipiodolized emulsions for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma이선우; 김용희; 권익찬; 정진욱; 박재형; 최영욱; 정서영; Jin Wook Chung
199710Synthesis and micellar characterization of PEO-bile acid conjugatesS.C. Lee; S.W. Kang; 김용희; 권익찬; C. Kim
199704A novel mucosal immunization with polysaccharide-protein conjugates entrapped in alginate microsphere정서영; S.Y. Seong; N.H. Cho; 김용희; 권익찬
199704Complexes of DNA with self-aggregates of hydrophobically modified chitosan이근용; 조원호; 김용희; 권익찬; 정서영
199704Dexamethasone loaded polyurethane film for stent coating정미현; 이규백; 김용희; 권익찬; 신차균; 정서영
199705Cationic lipid emulsion as a gene delivery systemS.W. Yi; T.Y. Yun; 김용희; 배은희; 권익찬; S.Y. Seong; Y.W. Choi; 정서영
199706Self-aggregates of hydrophobically modified chitosan for DNA deliveryK.Y. Lee; 김용희; 권익찬; W.H. Jo; 정서영