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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10Fabrication of normally-off GaN nanowire gate-all-around FET with top-down approach김용태; Ki-Sik Im; Chul-Ho Won; Sindhuri Vodapally; Raphael Caulmilone; Sorin Cristoloveanu; Jung-Hee Lee
2016-09Electrochemical Properties of Lithium Sulfur Battery with Silicon Anodes Lithiated by Direct Conract Method김형선; 김태경; 김용태
198712HB-GaAs 에서의 deep level 과 EL2 origin 에 관한 연구 : EL2(II).김은규; 조훈영; 박승철; 김용태; 민석기
200111The present status and outlook of nano technology김용태
199702Characteristics of amorphous Ta-Si-N thin film for Cu metallization김동준; 정순필; 김용태; 민석기; 박종완
2016-04차세대 EUV 반도체 포토마스크 검사를 위한 CSM(Coherent Scattering Microscope) 시스템 개발김용태; 전영민; 박한용; 김용수; 성하민; 김점술; 이승범; 조현우; 이주한
199601Formation of circular-shaped crystalline phases embedded in amorphous PbTiO//3 thin films grown by MOCVD.염상섭; 왕채연; 김용태
199501The characteristics of nitrogen implanted tungsten film as a new diffusion barrier for metal organic chemical vapor deposited Cu metallization.김용태; 민석기; C. S. Kwon; I. H. Choi
199501Characteristics of RuOx thin films as a sacrificial diffusion barrier for Cu metallization김용태; H. S. Yoon; C. S. Kwon; H. N. Lee; J. Jang; 민석기
199912Role of Sb substitution for Bi site in SrBi2Ta2O9 thin film김주형; 이전국; 김용태; 채희권