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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10Steam-CO2-Reforming of methane over doped ceria promoted Ni/MgO-MgAl2O4 structural catalyst안병성; 김상우; 문동주; 임상진; 김종혁
2016-04Coke study of Ni/MgO-MgAl2O4 structural catalyst with controlled pore morphologies for steam-CO2-reforming of methane안병성; 김상우; 문동주; 임상진; 이관영
199201Mechanism of methyl formate formation on Cu/ZnO catalysts정문조; 문동주; 박건유; 임선기
200010Development of gasoline fuel processor system for fuel-cell powered vehicles문동주; K. Sreekumar; 이상득; 이병권
200004Development of high performance transition metal carbide water gas shift catalyst for automotive applications문동주; Jeremy Patt; Cory Phillips; Levi Thompson
200110Development of gasoline fuel reformer for fuel-cell powered vehicles : POX reforming of gasoline over M₁/M₂/MgO/Al₂O₃ catalysts류종우; 문동주; 이상득; 이병권; 안병성
2017-04Studies on the size effect of catalyst and inert pellet in the fixed-bed reactor for Fischer-Trposch synthesis문동주; 박지인; 신설아; 노영수; 홍기훈; 양은혁
2017-04Studies on Nickel Based Structuread Catalysts for Steam CO2 Reforming of Methane문동주; 박지인; 신설아; 김현진; 노영수; 홍기훈; 이관영
2017-04Nickel Supported on Mesoporous Alumina catalyst modified by the Combustion method for Dry Reforming of Methane문동주; 신설아; 노영수; 양은혁; 이관영
2017-04Dry Reforming of Methane over Ni/Al2O3 Catalysts: Effect of ZrO2문동주; 박지인; 신설아; 노영수; 홍기훈; 양은혁; 이관영