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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03Investigation of the Na Intercalation Mechanism into Nanosized V2O5/C Composite Cathode Material for Na-Ion Batteries굴람 알리; 이지훈; 오시형; 조병원; 남경완; 정경윤
201601Layered-Layered-Spinel Cathode Materials Prepared by a High-Energy Ball-Milling Process for Lithium-ion Batteries김수; 노재교; Muratahan Aykol; Zhi Lu; 김해식; 최원창; 김천중; 정경윤; Chris Wolverton; 조병원
201602Probing the Sodiation-Desodiation Reactions in Nano-sized Iron Fluoride Cathode굴람 알리; 이지훈; 조병원; 남경완; 안도천; 장원영; 오시형; 정경윤
199101Calorimetric observation of heat production during eletrolysis of 0.1M LiOD + D//2O solution.조원일; 윤경석; 조병원; 박성용; 주재백
199401A study on the V22Ti16Zr16Ni39X7(X=Cr, Co, Fe, Mn, Al) metal hydride electrodes조원일; 윤경석; 조병원; 김정선; 김상주
2016-07Synthesis of lithium titanium oxide (Li4Ti5O12) with ultrathin carbon layer using supercritical fluids for anode materials in lithium batteries조병원; 주오심; 이수빈; 홍승아; 강정원; 임종성
199301A study on iron electrode of Ni/Fe battery(II).조원일; 김운석; 박석용; 윤경석; 조병원
199202Electrochromic display device of tungsten oxide and prussian blue thin film using polymer electrolyte.조원일; 조병원; 최윤; 윤경석
199212Photoelectrochemical behaviour of oxide films on Ti-Ga//O//3 alloy.조병원; 윤경석; 박성용; 이응조
199101Journal of the Korean institute of chemical engineers조원일; 조병원; 이성래; 주재백; 윤경석