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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
198702Influence of sputtering condition on the amorphous forming range and magnetic properties for Co-base thin film alloys김희중; 한석희; 강일구; 천성순
198701Electrical properties of Co-early transition metal thin film alloys김희중; 한석희; 천성순; 강일구
201512Directly deposited MoS2 thin film electrodes for high performance supercapacitorsN. Choudhary; M. Patel; Y.H. Ho; N.B. Dahotre; 이원기; 황준연; W. Choi
2016-01Nanoparticles as structure-directing agents for controlling the orientation of block copolymer microdomain in thin films장세규; 김세영; 왕현석; 최수형; 김범준; 방준하
199202Electrochromic display device of tungsten oxide and prussian blue thin film using polymer electrolyte.조원일; 조병원; 최윤; 윤경석
199201Co92Hf5Pd3 비정질 박막합금에서 실효투자율에 미치는 기판자장과 회전자장열처리의 효과한석희; 김희중; 노태환; 강일구; 이정중
199011스파터링 조건이 Co-Hf-Pd 박막의 특성에 미치는 영향한석희; 김희중; 노태환; 강일구; 이정중
199101Journal of the Korean institute of chemical engineers조원일; 조병원; 이성래; 주재백; 윤경석
199101Role of the hole diffusion current on the theory of conduction in ZnO varistor.M. S. Kim; 오형환; C. K. Kim
199908Preparation of electrolyte thin film for anode support type solid oxide fuel cells by electrophoretic deposition and dip-coating김상우; 이병호; 손용배; 송휴섭