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200610Doxorubicin loaded pH-sensitive mPEG-poly(b-amino ester) copolymer micelle targeting acidic extracellular pH of tumor고진영; 김광명; 권익찬; 박경순; 한종권; 김민상; 이두성; 김유신; 김인산; 손현규
200610Antitumor drug of hydrophobically modified glycol chitosan nanoparticles as carrier for camptothecin민경현; 김종호; 김광명; 권익찬; 김유신; 박낭운; 김인산; 정서영
200702pH- and temperature-sensitive, injectable, biodegradable block copolymer hydrogels as carriers for paclitaxel심우선; 김종호; 김광명; 김유신; 박낭운; 김인산; 권익찬; 이두성
200710Effect of polymer molecular weight on the tumor targeting characteristics of self-assembled glycol chitosan nanoparticles박경순; 김종호; 남윤식; 이슬기; 남혜윤; 김광명; 박재형; 김인산; 최귀원; 김상윤; 권익찬
200710Tumoral acidic extracellular pH targeting of pH-responsive MPEG-poly(β-amino ester) block copolymer micelles for cancer therapy고진영; 박경순; 김유신; 김민상; Jong Kwon Han; 김광명; Rang-Woon Park; 김인산; Hyun Kyu Song; 이두성; 권익찬
200706The attenuation of experimental lung metastasis by a bile acid acylated-heparin derivative박경순; 이석기; 손대현; 박수아; 김광명; 장효원; 정은정; 박랑운; 김인산; 권익찬; 변영로; 김상윤
200403Self-assembled nanoparticles based on glycol chitosan bearing 5β-cholanic acid for RGD peptide delivery박재형; 권승리; 남주옥; 박낭운; 정혜선; 서상봉; 김인산; 권익찬; 정서영
200404신생혈관의 생성과 항암제의 개발권익찬; 김인산; 서상봉
200707Protein-Phosphorylation-Responsive Polymeric Nanoparticles for Imaging Protein Kinase Activities in Single Living Cells김종호; 이슬기; 박경순; 남혜윤; 장순영; 윤인찬; 김광명; 전혜성; 박랑운; 김인산; 최귀원; 권익찬
200704Polymeric nanoparticles for protein kinase activity김종호; 이슬기; 김광명; 전혜성; 박랑운; 김인산; 최귀원; 권익찬