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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201507Co-delivery of chemosensitizing siRNA and an anticancer agent via multiple monocomplexation-induced hydrophobic association이은정; 오창화; 김인산; 권익찬; 김세훈
201508Design of a platform technology for systemic delivery of siRNA to tumours using rolling circle transcription장미희; 김종환; 남혜윤; 권익찬; 안형준
201507Direct Imaging of Cerebral Thromboemboli Using Computed Tomography and Fibrin-targeted Gold NanoparticlesKim, Jeong-Yeon; 류주희; Schellingerhout, Dawid; 선인철; Lee, Su-Kyoung; 전상민; Kim, Jiwon; 권익찬; Nahrendorf, Matthias; Ahn, Cheol-Hee; 김광명; Kim, Dong-Eog
201507Directed molecular assembly into a biocompatible photosensitizing nanocomplex for locoregional photodynamic therapy이용덕; 조홍준; 최미화; Park, Hoyong; Bang, Joona; 이상엽; 권익찬; 김세훈
201510Notch1 targeting siRNA delivery nanoparticles for rheumatoid arthritis therapy김민주; Jong-Sung Park; 이소진; Jiyeon Jang; Jin Su Park; Seung Hyun Back; Gahee Bahn; Jae Hyung Park; Young Mo Kang; 김선화; 권익찬; Dong-Gyu Jo; 김광명
201505Direct observation of interactions of silk-elastinlike protein polymer with adenoviruses and elastase정세희; Joung-Woo Choi; Chae-Ok Yun; 김선화; 권익찬; Hamid Ghandehari
2015Enhanced Cytoplasmic Delivery of RAGE siRNA Using Bioreducible Polyethylenimine-based Nanocarriers for Myocardial Gene Therapy양민정; 구숙희; 김동규; Won Jong Kim; Hyejung Mok; 김선화; 권익찬
201506Erratum to: Fluorescent Dye Labeled Iron Oxide/Silica Core/Shell Nanoparticle as a Multimodal Imaging ProbeEue Soon Jang; Seung Yong Lee; Eui-Joon Cha; 선인철; 권익찬; Dukjoon Kim; Young Il Kim; 김광명; 안철희
2019-10Targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory cytokine by nanocarrier reduces atherosclerosis in Apo E-/- mice권익찬; 김인산; 남기훈; 김기범; Manse Kim; Abhishek Sahu; Youngmin Hwang; Giyoong Tae