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200202Effects of Bi content on electrical properties of Pt/SrBi2Nb2O9/Si ferroelectric gate structure강동훈; 최훈상; 이관; 김용태; 이종한; 이건식; 김성일; 최인훈
200011Low temperature crystallization of SBT and YMO ferroelectric films by excimer laser irradiationH. Hiramatsu; T. ITO; Y. Ohki; 설광수; 최인훈; 김용태
200011Electrical properties of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/Ta2O5/Si ferroelectric gate structure최훈상; 김용태; 김성일; 최인훈; Hoon Sang Choi; Seong Il Kim; In-Hoon Choi
200104Electrical characteristics of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/Ta2O5/Si using Ta2O5최훈상; 김용태; 김성일; 최인훈
200111EL-MoM2 effects of Ta2O5 and Al2O3 buffer insulators on electrical characteristics of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/Si gate structure최훈상; 김용태; M. Ischida; 최인훈; 이창우
200110EL-MoM5 effects of Bi/Sr stoichiometric ratio on electrical properties of Pt/SrBi2Nb2O9/Si ferroelectric gate structure김용태; 김성일; 최인훈; 최훈상; 이창우
199907Transmission spectra of InGaN single quantum wells and InGaN/GaN heterostructures grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition김제원; 박영균; 김용태; 손창식; 최인훈; O. Ambacher; M. Stutzmann
199907Characterization of the absorption edges of epitaxial AlGaN grown by plasma-induced molecular beam epitaxy김제원; 손창식; 최인훈; 박영균; 김용태; O. Ambacher; M. Stutzmann
199906The changes of the properties of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/Pt capacitors and Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/CeO2/Si structures by post-annealing and their origin신동석; 최훈상; 이호녕; 김용태; 박영균; 최인훈
199810Absorption properties of the epitaxial Alx-Ga1-xN grown by plasma induced molecular beam epitaxy김제원; 손창식; 심선일; 최인훈; 박영균; 김용태; O. Ambacher; M. Stutzmann