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200007Size resolved chemical composition of atmospheric aerosol on Tokchok Island in the Yellow Sea배귀남; 이승복; 김용표; 윤용석; 진현철; 문길주
200305Photooxidation reaction of toluene/NOx mixture in an indoor smog chamber.이영미; 이승복; 배귀남; 김민철; 문길주; 박주연; 김용표
200310Shipboard measurements of long-ranged transported air pollutants at the Yellow Sea문길주; 김영성; 배귀남; 이승복; 김용표
200310Ambient aerosol formation and growth by photochemical reactions in an indoor smog chamber.배귀남; 김민철; 이승복; 이영미; 문길주
200209Secondary organic aerosols formed by photochemical reaction in a smog chamber with the ambiem air in seoul박주연; 김민철; 김용표; 배귀남; 문길주
200208Source identification of PM2.5 at the tokchok island on the yellow sea윤용석; 배귀남; 김동술; 황인조; 이승복; 문길주
200207Changes in size distribution of aerosols during visibility impairment period in Seoul김민철; 배귀남; 진현철; 문길주
200207Shipboard measurements of atmospheric aerosols between incheon and jeju on a regular ferry.이승복; 진현철; 배귀남; 문길주
200207Size distribution of asian dust measured in seoul.배귀남; 김민철; 임득용; 문길주; 심상규
200204Indoor smog chamber study I : effect of relative humidity on the growth of atmospheric aerosols김민철; 배귀남; 박주연; 임득용; 진현철; 문길주