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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199501Dielectric cap disordering of GaAs/AlGaAs multi quantum well by using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited SiN capping layer.강광남; 이정일; 김용; N. Park; K. Cho; W. J. Choi; 이석; S. K. Kim; 박홍이
199401Two-temperature technique for plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition growth of silicon-nitride on InP.강광남; 이정일; 한일기; J. Her; H. Lim; C. H. Kim; J. E. Kim; H. Y. Park
199001Reduction of transconductance in saturation region of short channel LDD NMOSFETs.강광남; 이명복; 이정일
199011A study on silicon/silicon dioxide interface by C-V techniques.강광남; 이정일; 이명복; 주병권; 김형곤; 오명환
199301Fabrication and characterization of silicon device for flow measurement (I)강광남; 이정일; 오명환; 김형곤; 주병권; 이명복
199601Phase identification of the interfacial reaction product of SiC//p/Al composite using convergent beam electron diffraction technique.이정일; 이재철; 석현광; 이호인
199601Observation of interfacial reaction products in SiC//p/Al composites and their characterizations.이재철; 이정일; 이호인
199601Characterization of interfacial reaction in (Al//2O//3)//p/6061 Al composite.이재철; 김긍호; 이정일; 이호인
199701The characteristics of In0.52Al0.48As/In0.53Ga0.47As heterojunction bipolar transistors illuminated by laser김종욱; 강현일; 오재응; 김회종; 최원준; 이석; 한일기; 우덕하; 이정일; 김선호; 강광남
199501Carrier lifetime in dielectric cap disordered GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well by SiN capping layer.W. J. Choi; 이석; D. Woo; 이정일; S. K. Kim; J. H. Chu; S. K. Yu; 강광남; D. Kim; K. Cho