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201507Synthesis of high molecular weight sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) copolymer without azeotropic reaction이소영; 권연혜; 김보현; 채지언; 장종현; 헨켄스마이어디억; 유성종; 김진영; 김형준
201508Electrical detection of coherent spin precession using the ballistic intrinsic spin Hall effect최원영; 김형준; 장준연; 한석희; 구현철; 마크 존슨
201509Electrical spin injection in modulation-doped GaAs from an in situ grown Fe/MgO layer심성훈; 김형준; 구현철; 이윤희; 장준연
2018-02Impact of Ground Plane Doping on InGaAs-OI MOSFETs최원준; 송진동; 김형준; 김상현; 김성광; 김한성; 금대명; 심재필; 김재원; 김창주; 최성진; 김대환; 김동명
2018-02Fabrication of Ultra-low Dit(E) InGaAs MOSFETs최원준; 송진동; 김형준; 김상현; 김성광; 김한성; 금대명; 심재필; 김창주; 최성진; 김대환; 김동명
2018-02Improvement on interfacial quality of Ge MOS Capacitor using RIE O2 plasma treatment김형준; 김상현; 이수빈; 한재훈; 김성광; 임형락; 심재필; 주병권
2018-06Electrical spin injection and detection in a GaAs(110) channel구현철; 김형준; 김성광; 김한성; 박희겸; 임형락
2018-02Ultra-Thin Body Ge(110)-OI on Si fabrication from Ge/AlAs/GaAs Substrate via wafer bonding technology김형준; 김상현; 한재훈; 김성광; 김한성; 임형락; 심재필; 주건우
2019-12A New Device Architecture with Double-Stranded Assembly of Electrode Microfibers for High-Performance Fibrous Organic Transistors in Electronic Textile Applications임정아; 김형준; 김수진; 장호원; 김세현