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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200610Vertical cavity laser with depleted optical thyristor structure for optical switching systems최운경; 김두근; 최영완; 이석; 우덕하; K.D.Choquette
200607Optical Properties of Vertical Cavity Laser - Depleted Optical Thyristor for Optical Communication Systems최운경; 김두근; Y.W. Choi; Kent D. Choquette; 이석; 우덕하; 변영태
201510A Single-End ADC with Split Dual-Capacitive-Array for Multi-Channel SystemsSeong-Jin Cho; Ju Eon Kim; Dong Ho Shin; Dong-hyun Yoon; Dong-Kyu Jung; Hong Tae Jeon; 이석; Kwang-Hyun Baek
201510Energy Efficient Clustering Using Tree Balancing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks김현덕; 김철기; 김재헌; 서민아; 이석; 이택진
201510Enhanced nonlinear optical characteristics of copper-ion-doped double crossover DNAs박병호; Byung Jic Lee; Sreekantha Reddy Dugasani; 조영호; 김철기; 서민아; 이택진; 전영민; 최재빈; 이석; Sung Ha Park; Seong Chan Jun; Dong-Il Yeom; Fabian Rotermund; 김재헌
201509Smartphone Based Indoor Navigation System Using Motion Recognition and Map Matching신범주; 김철기; 김재헌; 이석; 기창돈; 이택진
201508Q-switched Mode-locked Alexandrite Laser for Picosecond Pulses안준모; 정민기; 서민아; 이석; 전영민
201306A Wireless Monitoring Sub-nA Resolution Test Platform for Nanostructure Sensors장지웅; 변영태; 이택진; 우덕하; 이석; 전영민
2020-01A self-calibrating electrochemical aptasensing platform: Correcting external interference errors for the reliable and stable detection of avian influenza viruses표희수; 우덕하; 이석; 이준석; 이인애; 김성은; 이지호; 송창선