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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200909Identification of Hepatotoxicity Related Genes Induced by Hexachlorobenzne (HCB) in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HepG2) Cells김연정; 최한샘; 송미; 송미경; 류재천
200909Classification of Environmental Toxicants Using HazChem Human Array V2안유리; 김승준; 박혜원; 김준섭; 오문주; 김연정; 류재천; 황승용
200908Preparation of Gallic acid-Chitosan Complex (Eco_Brown) and Its Application for Adsorption of Mutagens and Carcinogens전희경; 김연정; 류재천
200803Validation of Human HazChem Array using VOC Exposure in HL-60 Cells오문주; 김승준; 김준섭; 김지훈; 박혜원; 김연정; 류재천; 황승용
200805Toxicokinetics and metabolisms of benzophenone-type UV filters in rats전희경; 샤르마; 김연정; 류재천
200909Identification of differentially expressed genes associated with dibutyl phthalate inducing the activation of thyroid peroxidase in human follicular thyroid carcinoma cells (FTC-238)송미; 김연정; 이지나; 김지희; 박용근; 류재천
200909A gene expression profile for detection of the activation of thyroid peroxidase induced by carbaryl in human follicular thyroid carcinoma cells (FTC-238)송미; 김연정; 이지나; 김지희; 박용근; 류재천
200909Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) induce Human Hepatocytes Migration via Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Mediated p38 MAPK Signal Transduction송미경; 김연정; 박용근; 류재천
200909Gene expression profiles of volatile organic compounds expose to human promyelocytic leukemia cell line샤르마; 김연정; 류재천
200910Identification of Characteristic Molecular Signature predictive of exposure to PAHs & VOCs송미경; 김연정; 박용근; 류재천