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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200104Electrical properties of metal-oxide-semiconductor structures containing Si nanocrystals fabricated by rapid thermal oxidation process.김용; 박경화; 정태훈; 박홍준; 이재열; 최원철; 김은규
200104Direct nano-bridging of carbon nanowire using growth barrier: a possible mechanism of selective lateral growth.Yoon-Taek Jang; Chang-Hoon Choi; 이윤희; Chang-Woo Lee; Dong-Ho Kim; 주병권; 김은규; Jae-Eun Lee; Young-Soo Han; Sang-Soo Yoon; Jin-Koog Shin; Sung-Tae Kim
200105The synthesis and characterization of GaN micro-crystals노정현; 박용주; 김은규; 심광보
200106Visible photoluminescence from porous poly-Si/Si and amorphous-Si/Si structures김민기; 윤주환; 유종훈; 조신호; 박용주; 김은규
200109Direct nanowiring of carbon nanotubes for highly integrated electronic and spintronic devices이윤희; Yoon-Taek Jang; Chang-Hoon Choi; Dong-Ho Kim; Chang-Woo Lee; Jae-Eun Lee; Young-Soo Han; Sang-Soo Yoon; Jin-Koog Shin; Sung-Tae Kim; 김은규; 주병권
200109Patterned formation of InAs QDs for single-electron device applications손맹호; 최범호; 황성우; D. Ahn; 현찬경; 김은규; 김용; 임종수
200104Dependence of buffer layer on the distribution of InAs quantum dots김효진; 박용주; 민병돈; 현찬경; 박세기; 김은규; 김태환
200103Selective positioning of InAs quantum dots on a GaAs substrate directly patterned by using an atomic force microscope현찬경; S.C. Choi; 황성우; 민병돈; 안도열; 박용주; 김은규
200111Role of inserting layer controlling wavelength in InGaAs quantum dotsS.K.Park; 박용주; H.J.Kim; J.H.Lee; Y.M.Park; 김은규; 최원준; 한일기; C.Lee
200111Effects of doping methods on characteristics of InAs quantum dotsYoung Min Park; 박용주; Kwang Moo Kim; JaeCheol Shin; 김은규