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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200107The effect of Cr addition on structure and corrosion resistance in FeTiN nanocrystalline soft magnetic thin films최현우; Ki Hyun Kim; 김종렬; 한석희; 김희중
200106모터를 이용한 바퀴형 체내이동 매커니즘의 개발이영재; 김병규; 임영모; 박종오; 홍예선; 김수현
200101Optimization of foaming process using triblock polyimides with thermally labile blocks김동욱; 황승상; 홍순만; 유현오; 홍승표
200111Development of one-step fluorescence polarization immunoassay of progesteroneLong Thanh Su; 김영옥; 홍지연; 윤도영; 최명자
200107The elastic moduli and fatigue properties of canine trabecular bone tissue최귀원; 강곤; Steven A. Goldstein
200111Linearized multiple quantum well electro-absorption modulator by quantum well intermixing technique최원준; Woon Sik Kim; 한일기; 박용주; 김은규; 이정일; Jong Chang Yi
200104A study on endocrine disruptors- Ⅲ : yeast transcriptional assay of alkylphenolic compoundsH.-J. Park; H.-T. Kim; H.-J. Lee; 류재천
200112Acoustic characterization of ALN films using a high overtone bulk acoustic wave resonator이시형; 김주형; 이전국; G.D. Mansfeld; S.G. Alekseev; 윤기현
200106Development of portable non-invasive blood alcohol by near infrared spectrophotometry김효진; 김영만; 박성우; 김영운; 김명윤; 마상동
200109Lipid cubic phase-related structures as drug delivery systems정혜선; 김지선; 김희경; 권익찬; 정서영