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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200304Effect of Cu/perovskite anode for simultaneous reaction in SOFC reactor이현철; 김준호; 성대진; 문동주; 홍석인
200304Development of gasoline reformer for fuel-cell powered vehicles : POX reforming of gasoline over structured catalyst류종우; 문동주; 이상득; 이병권; 안병성; 홍석인
200304A study on the dimerization of TFE in a fluidized bed reactor정정조; 문동주; 이용준; 홍성길; 정문조; 안병성
200304Reduction technology of carbon dioxide by electrocatalytic reaction문동주; 유지영; 류종우; 정정조; 박종민; 남석우; 이상득
200310Cogeneration of a syngas and an electricity by the electrocatalytic reforming of CO₂ by CH₄ in SOFC system문동주; 류종우; 이상득; 남석우; 이병권
200310Carbon dioxide reduction technology with SOFC system문동주; 류종우; Jong Min Park; Jung Jo Jung; 김홍곤; 이상득
200310CO₂ reforming by CH₄ over Ni-YSZ modified catalysts류종우; 문동주; 강동민; 한만석; 이병권; 안병성
200305Partical oxidation of ethylene to ethylene oxide over metal promoted Ag/α -Al₂O₃ catalysts이상량; 이용준; 홍성길; Young Chul Kim; 박남국; 문동주
200310Development of gasoline fuel reformer for fuel cell powered vihicles: Creria-based water gas shift catalysts류종우; 문동주; 이상득; 이병권; 홍석인
200304Pyrolysis of R-22(monochlorodifluoromethane) over metal fluoride based catalysts성대진; 김준호; 정정조; 문동주; 이용준; 홍석인