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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200307Reverse-biased characteristics of GaAs/AlGaAs depleted optical thyristor with low depletion voltage최운경; D.G. Kim; Y.W. Choi; 이석; 우덕하; 변영태; 김재헌; 김선호
200307Study on the proton implantation process for the fabrication of SOI wafer우형주; 최한우; 김준곤; 홍완; 김기동; 변영태
200310A novel 10 Gbit/s all-optical NOR logic gate변영태; 김재헌; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호
200310Experimental study of hydrogen-ion implantation for SOI fabrication변영태; 김형권; 김태곤
200310All-optical signal processing using semiconductor optical amplifier based logic gates김재헌; 손창완; 김영일; 변영태; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 최영완
200312Experimental study of the formation of surface blisters for SOI fabrication.김형권; 변영태; 한상국
200311Design and analysis of traveling-wave electrode for high speed electrooptic modulator김성진; 김재헌; 김선호; 이종창; 변영태
200310Polarization dependence of a GaAs/AlGaAs ridge waveguide phase modulator at 1.31 ㎛변영태; 전영민; 김선호
200311Nonreciprocal phase shift characteristics for integrated optical waveguide isolator utilizing magnetic photonic crystals이관수; 김영일; 이석; 우덕하; 변영태; 김선호; 송석호; 김필수
200311Depleted optical thyristor using surface-normal injection method최운경; 김두근; 최영완; 이석; 우덕하; 변영태; 김재헌; 김선호