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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200304Development of photo-diode for LOC fluorescence detector.김주환; 신경식; 김용국; 김상식; 주병권
200304Characteristic measurements of the pyroelectric IR sensor김현기; 신경식; 김용국; 김태윤; 이상렬; 주병권
200302Observation of field-induced electron emission in porous polycrystalline silicon nano-structured diode이주원; 김훈; 주병권; 이윤희; 장진
200307Study on the hydrogen treatment effect of vacuum deposited pentacene thin film transistors이주원; 장재원; 김훈; 김광호; 김재경; 김영철; 이윤희; 장진; 주병권
200306Evaluation of carbon nanotubes as gas sensing materials micro gas sensors.문승일; 이덕중; 장윤택; Soo-Won Kim; 이윤희; 주병권
200304Role of AlN piezoelectric crystal orientation in solidly mounted film bulk acoustic wave resonators이시형; 강성철; 한상철; 주병권; 윤기현; 이전국
2003023D 패키징 적용을 위한 박막 실리콘 기판을 이용한 RF-MEMS 패키징 .김용국; 박윤진; 김철주; 주병권
200301Gated field emitter using carbon nanotubes for vacuum microelectronic devices.장윤택; 최창훈; 주병권; 안진호; 이윤희
200305Suppression of leakage current via formation of a sidewall protector in the microgated carbon nanotube emitter.장윤택; 최창훈; 주병권; 안진호; 이윤희
200301A novel thin chip scale packaging of the RF-MEMS devices using ultra thin silicon.박윤권; 김용국; 김훈; 이덕중; 김철주; 주병권; 박정오