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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200603Effect of air hole size on transmission characteristics of fiber Bragg gratings written in holey fiber이영준; 김길환; 한영근; 조형수; 이상배; 정제명; 정창현; 오치환; 강희전
200603Wavelength-spacing tunable multiwavelength erbium-doped fiber laser based on four-wave mixing of dispersion-shifted fiber한영근; Thi Van Anh Tran; 이상배
200602Tunable multiwavelength Erbium-doped fiber laser based on four-wave mixing effect한영근; 이주한; 이상배
200607Experimental Investigation of Gain Transients in Bi-directionally Pumped Raman Amplifiers김철한; 한영근; 이주한; 이상배
200607Fiber Bragg grating based wavelength-spacing tunable erbium-doped fiber ring laser using degenerate four-wave mixing한영근; 이주한; 이상배
200607Room temperature multiwavelength Raman fiber laser using a few-mode fiber Bragg grating한영근; 문대승; 정영주; 이주한; 이상배
200607Application of multiwavelength Raman fiber laser to long distance simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature한영근; 이주한; 이상배
200607Novel tunable dispersion controller for tunable pulse repetition-rate multiplication한영근; 이주한; 이상배
200609Multi-point interrogation of FBG sensors using cascaded flexible wavelength-division Sagnac loop filters김창석; 이태호; 유윤식; 한영근; 이상배; 정명영
200609Simultaneous measurement of bending and temperature based on a single sampled chirped fiber Bragg grating embedded on a flexible cantilever beam한영근; Xinyong Dong; 이주한; 이상배