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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200607A New Online Rotor Condition Monitoring Method Using FBG Sensors and No Telemetry System황요하; 이인재; 이종민; 이상배
200608On-line Non-contact Rotor Stress Monitoring using Optical Fiber Sensors이인재; 이종민; 이상배; 황요하
200604Soliton Solutions of Coupled Inhomogeneous Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation in PlasmaA. Uthayakumar; 한영근; 이상배
200605Uniform fiber Bragg grating based tunable dispersion compensator and its application to tunable pulse repetition-rate multiplication한영근; 이주한; 이상배
200605Long distance simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature based on multiwavelength Raman fiber lasers한영근; 이주한; 이상배
200605Flexibly tunable multiwavelength Raman Fiber Laser based on few-mode fiber Bragg gratings한영근; 이주한; 이상배
200605320 Gbit/s (32Chs x 10 Gbit/s) WDM transmission over bending insensitive holey fiber for metro communication한영근; 김길환; 조형수; 이주한; 김상혁; 이상배; 김철한; 정창현; 오치환; 강희전
200605Quantitative Characterization of Polarization Cancellation for Optical Devices via Bi-Direction Transmission김창석; 정명영; 한영근; 이상배; Henry P. Lee
200607Optical soliton propagation in Erbium-doped fiber with variable dispersion and nonlinear effectsA. Uthayakumar; A. Mahalingam; 한영근; 이상배
200604Experimental Study on Seed Light Source Coherence Dependence of Continuous-Wave Supercontinuum Performance이주한; 한영근; 이상배