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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200611Performance comparison of YSZ-based SOFCs with LSM, LSCF, LSCo and SSCo cathodes정훈기; 선양국; 정화영; 김혜령; 이종호; 이해원
200611Reassessment of conventional Hebb-Wagner polarization technique이경렬; 박상현; 이종호; 유한일
200601Cogeneration of a Synthesis Gas and Electricity by Internal Reforming of methane by Carbon Dioxide in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System문동주; 박종민; 강정식; 유계상; 홍석인
200602Mixed-Fuels Fuel Cell Running on Methane-Air Mixture윤성필; 김현재; 박병탁; 남석우; 한종희; 임태훈; 홍성안
200609Fabrication and performance evaluation of 3-cell SOFC stack based on planar 10 cm×10 cm anode-supported cells정화영; 최선희; 김형철; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
200604Effect of cathode current-collecting layer on unit-cell performance of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells정화영; 김우식; 최선희; 김형철; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
200605Single-Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cell with Micropatterned Interdigitated Electrodes안성진; 이종호; 김주선; 문주호
200605Performance and durability of Ni-coated YSZ anodes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells김선동; 문환; 현상훈; 문주호; 김주선; 이해원
200605Fabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells via Physical Vapor Deposition with Electron Beam: II. Unit Cell Performance김형철; 박종구; 정화영; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
200605Characterization of the LSGM-Based Electrolyte-Supported SOFCs송은화; 김광년; 정태주; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 김병국; 이종호