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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200612Dielectric Resonators Loaded by Ferroelectric Varactors for Tunable Ka Band FilterO.Y.Buslov; 강종윤; V.N.Keis; I.V. Kotelnikov; A.Y. Shimko; M.F.Ivanova; A.V.Tumarkin; S.F.Karmanenko; A.B.Kozyrev
200608Modification of Textile Wastewater Treatment System by Gamma-IrradiationHun Je Jo; 이선미; Hyo Jin Kim; Eun Joo Park; Jeoung Gye Kim; Hung Ho Chung; Jin Ho Jung
200612Growth and magnetic properties of Mn and MnSn-doped ZnO nanorodsBaranov, Andrey N.; Panin, G. N.; Yoshimura, M.; 오영제
200612Selective growth of zinc oxide nanowires on the metal electrodes최영진; 박재환; 박재관
200605Surface chemical analysis on the corrosion of alloys in the supercritical water oxidation of halogenated hydrocarbonHyeon-Cheol Lee; Sang-Ha Son; 황경엽; Chang-Ha Lee
200612Multiview image acquisition and projection손정영; V.V. Saveljev; 김재순; 곽계달; 김성규
200602Cooperative transcription activation by Nurr1 and Pitx3 induces embryonic stem cell maturation to the midbrain dopamine neuron phenotypeCecile Martinat; Jean-Jacques Bacci; Thomas Leete; Jongpil Kim; William B. Vanti; Amy H. Newman; 차주환; Ulrik Gether; Honggang Wang; Asa Abeliovich
200606Characterization of Thin-Film YSZ Deposited via EB-PVD Technique in Anode-supported SOFCs정화영; 홍국선; 김형철; 박종구; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
200603Effect of indium on bonding between porcelain and Au-Pt-Cu alloy이상혁; 정호년; 도정만; 윤진국; 임호남
200603Surface modification of glass plate to enhance thickness of silica aerogel허덕도; 전병세; 오영제