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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Virtual Surgical Planning System for Mandible Reconstruction박세형; 이득희; 김래현; 조현철; 김영준; 김한나; 심응준; 이정우
2016-04운동 의도에 따른 뇌파-근전도 신호 간 연결성 분석김래현; 김병남; 김연희; 권규현; 장원혁; 유선국
2016-06Inflammatory signals induce the expression of tonicity-responsive enhancer binding protein (TonEBP) in microglia.허은미; 임선경; Ga Ram Jeong; Yun-Hee Bae; Eun Su Park; Byung Kwan Jin; Hyug Moo Kwon; Beom-Joon Lee; Youngmin Bu; Byoung Dae Lee
2016-10Effects of surface deformation on the oxidation behavior of INCONEL 740 superalloy in humid air정우상; 김동익; Majid Abbasi; 김병규
201601Band Gap Grading of Stacked Cu(In,Ga)S2 Thin Films정성현; 손소형; 심형섭; 박승민; 민병권; 송재규
2016-05A facile method for transparent carbon nanosheets heater based on polyimide구본철; 유남호; 고문주; 황준연; 김승민; 여현욱; 김현일; Hamid souri
2016-05Biomechanical effects of body weight support with a novel robotic walker for over-ground gait rehabilitation문경률; 임수빈; Zhao Guo; Haoyong Yu
2013-06Reference levels of blood mercury and association with metabolic syndrome in Korean adults표희수; 박경수; Sang-Yong Eom; Sun-Hee Choi; Su-Ju Ahn; Dong-Kyeong Kim; Dong-Won Kim; Ji-Ae Lim; Byung-Sun Choi; Hye-Jung Shin; Sin-Weon Yun; Hae-Jung Yoon; Yu-Mi Kim; Young-Seoub Hong; Yong-Woon Yun; Seok-Joon Sohn; Heon Kim; Ho Kim; Se-Young Oh; Jeongseon Kim; Sang-Ah Lee; Mina Ha; Ho-Jang Kwon; Jung-Duck Park
2016-10A facile method to prepare large quantities of active caspase-3 overexpressed by auto-induction in the C41(DE3) strain.양은경; 정학숙; 김상아; 황두현; 송현규
2016-02Fabrication and characterization of Bi-doped Y2O3 phosphor thin films by RF magnetron sputtering김성일; 김영환; 장수경; 박성익