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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Comprehensive stabilization mechanism of electron-beam irradiated polyacrylonitrile fibers to shorten the conventional thermal treatment조성무; 이성호; 조한익; 박세준; 유승화; 강하리
2016-03Isolation of Pristine MXene from Nb4AlC3 MAX phase: A First-Principles Study이광렬; 히로시 미즈세키; Avanish Mishra; Pooja Srivastava; Abhishek K. Singh
2016-05A Study on the L1 Optimal PD Controller with Application to Joint Motion Control of a Robot Manipulator오용환; 이종우; 김정훈; 허성문
2016-04Effects of Residual Imbalance on the Rotordynamics Performance of Variable-Speed Turbo Blower이용복; 김어진; 정세나; 정경호; 전도영
2016-073D Stereoscopic Augmented Reality with a Monocular Camera황재인; 노승민; 이진우; 김준호
2016-09Investigation of Fe-rich fragments in aluminum-steel friction stir welds via simultaneous Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction and EDS김동익; Majid Abbasi; Morteza Dehghani; 김환욱
2016-05Tailoring ruthenium exposure to enhance the performance of fcc platinum@ruthenium core?shell electrocatalysts in the oxygen evolution reacti김진영; 황진연; Noktan M. AlYami; Alec P. LaGrow; Khurram S. Joya; Khabiboulakh Katsiev; Dalaver H. Anjum; Yaroslav Losovvi; Lutfan Sinatra; Osman Bakr
2016-04Three-Dimensional Carbon Allotropes Comprising Phenyl Rings and Acetylenic Chains in sp+sp2 Hybrid Networks히로시 미즈세키; Jian-Tao Wang; Changfeng Chen; Han-Dong Li; Yoshiyuki Kawazoe
2016-03Spectrophotometric Analysis of Phosphoric Acid Leakage in High-Temperature Phosphoric Acid-Doped Polybenzimidazole Membrane Fuel Cell Application남석우; 김형준; 장종현; 유성종; 김진영; Seungyoon Han; Yeon Hun Jeong; Ju Hae Jung; Alina Begley; Euiji Choi
2016-03Highly Asymmetric n+ ?p Heterojunction Quantum-Dot Solar Cells with Significantly Improved Charge-Collection Efficiencies김진영; Min-Jae Choi; Sunchuel Kim; Hunhee Lim; Jaesuk Choi; Dong Min Sim; Soonmin Yim; Byung Tae Ahn; Yeon Sik Jung