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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201002Characteristics of TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by thermal decomposition process and their photocatalytic degradation정종수; 진성민; 김민수
200801Electro-Optic Response Characteristics of a Dual Particle Electrophoretic Display System안용환; 유근채; 김영철; 이상수; 김준경
200404Optical absorption behaviour of platinum core-silica shell nanoparticle layer and its influence on the reflection spectra of a multi-layer coating system in the visible spectrum range김상우; 배동식; 신현호; Kug-Sun Hong
201003Electrocatalytic properties of Pd clusters on Au nanoparticles in formic acid electro-oxidation박인수; 이국승; 유성종; 최종호; 성영은
201009Cellular uptake pathway and drug release characteristics of drug-encapsulated glycol chitosan nanoparticles in live cells박상진; 이소진; 정현진; 허송욱; 최용석; 김광명; 최귀원; 권익찬
200810Continuous Synthesis of Surface-Modified Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Methanol for Highly Stabilized Nanofluids김재훈; 박유석; 밤방; 김재덕; 이윤우
201111Smart Nanocarrier Based on PEGylated Hyaluronic Acid for Cancer Therapy최기영; 윤홍열; 김종호; 배상문; 박랭원; 강영무; 김인산; 권익찬; 최귀원; 정서영; 김광명; 박재형
200904Application of Simple Cycloalkylsilanetriols as Surface Modifier for Inorganic Particles유복렬; 정동의; 한준수
201107A Comparative Study of Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Methane Over CeO2 Supported Metallic Catalysts안기용; 정용재; 오진희; 다사리하리; 김형철; 김혜령; 손지원; 이해원; 이종호
201209Encapsulation of Gold Nanoparticles using Chemically or Physically Modified Glycol Chitosan선인철; 권익찬; 김광명