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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Modular Layer­by­Layer Assembly of Polyelectrolytes, Nanoparticles, and Molecular Catalysts into Solar­to­Chemical Energy Conversion Devices이준석; 강동규; 김현우; 유영훈; 전다솜; 배상현; 신윤경; 이지석; 류정기
2019-08Anti-Angiogenic Effect of Asperchalasine A Via Attenuation of VEGF Signaling김영주; Jun Yeon Park; Young Seok Ji; Hucheng Zhu; Yonghui Zhang; Do Hwi Park; Hye Hyun Yoo; Ki Sung Kang
2019-02EEG-based Gait State and Gait Intention Recognition Using Spatio-Spectral Convolutional Neural Network김형민; 최준혁; 박상우; 박종우
2019-02Real-time Decoding of EEG Gait Intention for Controlling a Lower-limb Exoskeleton System김형민; 최준혁
2019-10Highly Sensitive Biomolecule Sensing Exploiting Graphene Assisted THz Resonators서민아; 이상훈
2019-09The roles of CKI in circadian rhythm이재욱; Heesu Lee
2019-11All-Glass, Large Metalens at Visible Wavelength Using Deep-Ultraviolet Projection Lithography박준서; Shuyan Zhang; Alan She; Wei Ting Chen; Peng Lin; Kerolos M. A. Yousef; Ji-Xin Cheng; Federico Capasso
2020-01Anomalous behavior of glass-forming ability and mechanical response in a series of equiatomic binary to denary metallic glasses장혜정; Jung Soo Lee; Hyun Seok Oh; Wan Kim; Chae Woo Ryu; Jin Yeon Kim; J.L. Gu; K.F. Yao; B.S. Murty; Eun Soo Park
2019-113D 프린팅 방법으로 제조된 페라이트-오스테나이트 스테인리스강 경사조성재료의 미세조직 연구장혜정; 최하늘; 신기승; 윤지현; 박용호; 김정한
2019-10Development of a fluorescent scFv-type antibody for simple and rapid detection of tumor nexrosis factor alpha성창민; 이준엽; 정희진; 노희원; Hiroshi Ueda; 김병기