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2019-11Hydrogen-selective Behavior of Carbon-encapsulated Metal Nanoparticles to Tolerate Frequent Shutdown-startup Cycling유성종; 이세현; 이동욱; 최대일; 이응준; 이명재
2019-11Modulation of O-GlcNAcylation Regulates Autophagy in Cortical Astrocytes.임혜원; 황홍익; Md. Ataur Rahman; 조윤정
2018-12Electrical Adaptiveness and Electromechanical Response in Gel Composites of Carbon Nanomaterials이승기; 박치영
2020-01A self-calibrating electrochemical aptasensing platform: Correcting external interference errors for the reliable and stable detection of avian influenza viruses표희수; 우덕하; 이석; 이준석; 이인애; 김성은; 이지호; 송창선
2020-01Proteomic Analysis of Amniotic Fluid Proteins for Predicting the Outcome of Emergency Cerclage in Women with Cervical Insufficiency이지은; 이준호; 최지웅; 한미희; 성승용; 박교훈; 박정우
2020-01A Protein Microarray Analysis of Plasma Proteins for the Prediction of Spontaneous Preterm Delivery in Women with Preterm Labor이지은; 홍수빈; 김유미; 이영은; 박예현; 박교훈
2017-11GO/PVDF 전기방사나노섬유멤브레인을이용한테트라사이클린제거이상협; 최재우; 박정안; 조형준; 남아름; 양보람; 윤성택
2017-11UV, UV/H2O2 공정을 이용한 테트라사이클린 제거율 비교이상협; 박정안; 김재현; 조형준; 정성목; 한치헌; 박희등
2017-11ZirconiumMetal-Organic Framework를이용한phosphate흡착제거이상협; 최재우; 김재현; 조형준; 남아름; 한치헌
2019-12Assimilable organic carbon removal in simulated aquifer storage and recovery system정성필; 최재우; 조경진; 김영재; 히엔 티 뉴옌