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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200709Improvement in hydrogen sorption kinetics of MgH2 with Nb hydride catalyst진선아; 심재혁; 안재평; 조영환; 이경우
200708Reversible hydrogen storage in NaAlH4 catalyzed with lanthanide oxides이길재; 심재혁; 조영환; 이경섭
200404Plasma-Assisted Reduction of Supported Metal Catalyst using Atmospheric Dielectric-Barrier Discharge김승수; 이화웅; 나병기; 송형근
200405SiC Fiber Derived from the Polycarbosilane Prepared from the Catalytic Process류도형; 김선진; 신동건; 김형래; 김영희
200906Complete Oxidation of Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds over Metal Oxide Composite Aerogel Catalysts서동진; 최진순
200906Oxidative Coupling of Methane over Pb Substituted Chlorapatite임성우; 이대원; 서동진; 이준엽; 이관영
200907Catalytic effect of titanium nitride nanopowder on hydrogen desorption properties of NaAlH4 and its stability in NaAlH4김지우; 심재혁; 김슬참; Arndt Remhof; Andreas Borgschulte; Oliver Friedrichs; Robin Gremaud; Flavio Pendolino; Andreas Zuttel; 조영환; 오규환
200606Mechanochemical synthesis of ultrafine TiAl3 powder and its catalytic effect on dehydrogenation of Li3AlH6심재혁; 이길재; 조영환
200406A Study on Hydorgen Generation from Alkaline NaBH4 Solution Using Co-B Catalysts정성욱; 조은애; 오인환; 홍성안; 김성현; 남석우
200905Effects of Preparation Methods for V2O5-TiO2 Aerogel Catalysts on the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO with NH3강민; 최진순; 김용태; 박은덕; 신치범; 서동진; 이재의